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Alcatel Lucent 8 series devices Dubai | 4068,4038,4028,4018,4008 UAE

Alcatel 8 series

Alcatel Lucent 8 series Phones dubai

Alcatel Lucent 8 Series IP phones  are flagship models from Alcatel. The Models Are Alcatel Lucent 4068 phone, Alcatel Lucent 4038 DESKPHONE, Alcatel lucent 4028 IP phone, Alcatel Lucent 4008 and Alcatel lucent 4018. Buy Alcatel from Acepaq and dealing hospitality phones, Alcatel small business phones, Alcatel VoIP telephones, Alcatel VoIP system. We are dealing Alcatel hardware, software, Accessories and doing installation, programming. It will work with PRI, BRI, Analog, Digital and VoIP Gateway.

Alcatel lucent 8 series dubai

Alcatel Lucent 4068 Phone

The Alcatel Lucent 4068 phone in uae is the flagship model in the 8 series IP phones. All other models are either 4 shades of grey or black and white LCD displays. That said, with any colour screen handset, you really do pay a premium for the Alcatel Lucent 4068 phone dubai and very few customers ultimately justify the additional expense – even for the receptionist handset. From a user perspective colour is better because it allows you to see elements on the screen in a much easier, clearer, way than varying shades of grey.

alcatel lucent 4068 dubai

Alcatel Lucent 4038 Phone

The Alcatel Lucent 4038 phone is the 2nd from the top of the range in the Alcatel Lucent 8 series IP handsets. It’s virtually identical to the Alcatel 4068 phone except for no colour screen nor Bluetooth connectivity. In our experience very, few customers ever justified the additional expense of the colour screen option and the Alcatel Lucent 4038 phone is the model that companies deploying IP use for their receptionist console.

alcatel lucent 4038 dubai

Alcatel Lucent 4028 Phone

The Alcatel Lucent 4028 phone is the mid-level or executive model in the Alcatel 8 series IP phones. It’s designed to work with the Alcatel OmniPCX phone system as well as the small business Alcatel OmniPCX Compact PBX. Aesthetically, and feature wise, it is very similar to the larger Alcatel 4038 phone. There are only a few minor differences: the screen is smaller, it only has 6 function keys versus 10 and the LCD display is black and white not 4 levels of grey. In terms of colour choice, the Alcatel Lucent 4028 phone comes in both urban grey and arctic white options.

Alcatel lucent 4028 dubai

Alcatel Lucent 4018 Phone

The Alcatel Lucent 4018 phone is the standard phone in the Alcatel Lucent 8 series IP handsets. It offers more limited functionality. The premium models but for users it is a smart, easy to use and very affordable IP handset. There is also a Alcatel 4008 phone which is identical except for one feature – it doesn’t have a spare Ethernet connection to run both the PC and phone off the one cable. If you already have 2 Ethernet cables at your desk this is a moot point anyway. The Alcatel lucent 4018 phone is designed for staff that aren’t heavy users or need to transfer call around. This is where the bigger screens come in handy. Alcatel 9 series phones.

Alcatel lucent 4018 dubai

Acepaq supply all Alcatel Lucent products in Dubai,UAE,GCC and Africa.