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Alcatel lucent digital desk phones dubai | Alcatel 8039,8029,4019 UAE

Alcatel Digital phones

Alcatel lucent digital desk phones

Alcatel lucent digital desk phones models are Alcatel Lucent 8039 digital desk phones, Alcatel Lucent 8029 Desk Phones and Alcatel lucent 4019 digital phones. It offer a rich digital communications experience. It is a great conversations comfort with an outstanding audio quality either in hands free or using the comfort handset. These new innovative design sets come with several ergonomic enhancements such as adjustable foot stand, alphabetical keyboard, backlit display, dedicated function keys, user friendly navigator as well as a comprehensive set of accessories. All these elements facilitate the user’s business day-to-day tasks. These two elegant devices complement and leverage all the rich telephony capabilities of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise platforms. Alcatel lucent dubai Stay ahead by investing in world-class telephony equipment. That thrives collaboration and keep confident that your today investments will be your companions for many years.

Alcatel lucent digital desk phones dubai uae

Alcatel lucent digital telephones dubai

The Alcatel Lucent digital desk phones and 9 SERIES takes you to a new dimension in audio experience, aesthetics, communications productivity and customer care. This advanced range brings the award-winning power of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX communication servers. Their spectrum of advanced features — within even easier reach. Alcatel Lucent digital desk phones 9 SERIES offers the best sound quality around. Its terminals have a hands-free speakerphone including acoustic echo cancellation, and take listening comfort to new levels. Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES soft key functions couldn’t be simpler to use. They automatically change according to the call context, and are clearly displayed on the screen. Intuitive icons make using the system’s sophisticated features as easy as 123, while the phones’ high-resolution, adjustable graphical screens enhance comfort-of-use.

Alcatel lucent 4019 digital Phone

Although the Alcatel Lucent 4019 phone is the basic phone in the range it offers incredible bang for buck. They are not designed for everyday users but for staff that only use the phone rarely, kitchens, foyers, retail showrooms and the like. You still get everything a staff member needs to use the phone and it is far more than just a basic phone in many ways. It can connect with Alcatel call recording system.

Alcatel lucent 4019 digital epabx phones dubai uae

Alcatel lucent 8029 digital desk phone

The Alcatel lucent 8029 phone is the most popular in the series and most implementations will contain about 90% of these handsets. For most staff they simply don’t need the larger screens. Alcatel lucent 8029 With the 6 soft keys  users can see 6 items staff/phone lines or anything else on a screen at one time. The Alcatel lucent 8029 exact display of items can customised easily to the individual user, so they can prioritise what they visually see. It can integrate with telephone wired and wireless headsets.

Alcatel lucent 8029 digital pabx phones dubai uae

Alcatel lucent 8039 digital premium desk phone

The Alcatel lucent 8039 digital handset is designed for receptionists or managers that need to see more a glance. The only things that distinguish the Alcatel lucent 8039 from the Alcatel lucent 8029 phone is the larger display. IT has 4 grey levels not just black and white, a higher resolution screen and the fact. There are 10 soft keys – 5 on either side of the screen whereas the Alcatel lucent 8039 has 6 in total. Alcatel conference phone available with Acepaq.

Alcatel lucent dubai

The Alcatel lucent 8029 phone is cheaper and given the similarities in features, is by far the most popular phone in the Alcatel 9 series line up. In a typical rollout you would provide the reception with the Alcatel lucent 8039 phone. Possibly the managers, but the bulk of staff would get the Alcatel lucent 8029 phones. For retail shops, and staff that only use to make/receive calls. The Alcatel lucent dubai 4019 phone is  a great addition to your Alcatel OmniPCX telephone system and Alcatel pbx system.

Alcatel lucent 8039 digital pbx phones dubai uae

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