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Alcatel lucent intercom wireless Dubai | Alcatel door phone UAE

Alcatel Intercom

Alcatel lucent intercom wireless door phone

The Alcatel Lucent  Intercom wireless indoor call box provides exceptional service to customers when they visit your offices, shops and warehouses with instant customer service. By simply pressing a button on the Alcatel DECT Intercom, your customers can successfully interact with your employees. The Alcatel Lucent DECT Intercom in UAE leverages the DECT network for cost-effective operations with outstanding audio quality, even in a noisy environment. This unique wireless call box (alcatel door phone)offers instant pairing with the DECT network and is centrally managed by the Alcatel Lucent communication servers.

Alcatel door phone is moving it to another indoor location within your building is easy too as neither a LAN nor analog cabling is required.You only need to manage one communication network for intercom and business communications, as the DECT Intercom is paired with your DECT network. Plus, employees are easier to reach since intercom calls can be routed, like any other business call, to employees with DECT handsets, desk phones or to attendants. It can integrate with Alcatel lucent telephone system omnipcx and pbx systems.Buy Alcatel Lucent Intercom in Dubai – UAE.  

Alcatel Lucent Intercom wireless Door Phone dubai uae

Features of Alcatel lucent intercom dubai

  •  DECT wireless technology with instant pairing
  •  High quality audio for noisy environments
  •  Call button with integrated LED
  •  Includes wall mounting kit
  •  Robust case for indoor use that protects against vandalism
  •  Easy brand customization
  •  Audio volume adjustment and DECT registration without external interface

Benefits of Alcatel lucent wireless intercom

  • Increased customer satisfaction from instant interaction with employees on their mobile handset or business phone
  • A single radio network and communication infrastructure for intercom and business calls
  • Cost-effective operations for setup, maintenance, and moves

Technical specifications of Dect SIP Wireless Intercom Alcatel door phone

  • Color Gray
  • Impact resistance: IK08 case
  • Dust and water resistance: IP40
  • Call button
  • LED for communication status
  • Loudspeaker
  • Microphone
  • Audio volume button
  • DECT registration button
  • Green LED for DECT registration status
  • Height: 250 mm (9.84 in.)
  • Width: 175 mm (6.89 in.)
  • Depth: 75 mm (2.95 in.)
  • Weight: 26.01 oz, 740 g
  • Alcatel door phone

For installation, service and programming please contact Acepaq Telecom in Dubai,UAE and Africa. Buy Alcatel Digital phones from Acepaq.