Alcatel IP phones

Alcatel Lucent IP Telephones 

Alcatel Lucent IP telephones Dubai models are Alcatel Lucent 8001, Alcatel lucent 8008 DeskPhone and Alcatel Lucent 8018.It will work with Alcatel PABX system OmniPcx office and SIP based telephone systems. It can be integrate with Call monitoring software and wired and wireless headsets. It can configure IVR(Interactive voice response system), VOICE mail and Fax servers.

Alcatel lucent 8001 IP Telephone

The Alcatel Lucent 8001 DeskPhone in uae is a cost-effective, business-grade phone offering SIP telephony for essential communications. Its graphical display can show up to five lines of text simultaneously, and it features an elegant user interface and clear operations to provide an excellent user experience. Moreover, the Alcatel-Lucent 8001 DeskPhone creates a unique, vivid audio experience. Its rich business functions greatly improve work efficiency.

Alcatel Lucent 8001 Ip phone voip Dubai

Alcatel Lucent 8008 IP Telephone

Built on the popular and practical Premium DeskPhone line, the new eco friendly Alcatel Lucent 8008 DeskPhone offers feature rich IP telephony in an efficient format. This entry-level phone delivers a modern business grade design, with advanced, user-friendly telephony features provided by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications servers. Its three-line screen — combined with application, programmable, and navigation keys — provides outstanding user-friendly communications with fast access to the business directory for enhanced employee efficiency. The Alcatel lucent 8008 DeskPhone complements the Premium DeskPhone product line by targeting the need for essential and enriched communications.

Alcatel Lucent 8008 Sip office phone Dubai

Alcatel Lucent 8018 Ip telephone

Today’s business leaders need communication technologies that empower employees to deliver an outstanding service and can lead to company growth. Alcatel Lucent 8018 DeskPhone offers feature rich IP telephony in a highly optimized format. Industries such as hospitality and healthcare are looking for cost-effective ways to offer an exceptional in-room communication experience to guests and patients. Its three-line screen — combined with application, programmable, and navigation keys — provides. Alcatel Lucent 8018 IP Sip voip dubai

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