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Asset management software Dubai | Fixed, IT asset tracking software system UAE

Asset tracking software

asset tracking software – IT asset management software dubai

Asset Management software dubai allows the customer to get maximum value from the use of the assets, right-size inventory and optimize purchase decisions and strategies. Tracking and managing all your IT and non-IT assets just got easier. This software enables companies to discover, visualize, and understand their infrastructure and its interdependencies, all from a single dashboard. Track your full asset lifecycle, plus software licenses, service contracts, SSL Certificates, renewal reminders, and more.  An asset tracking software in Dubai, UAE combines desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode labels, and mobile devices to streamline the tracking of assets from acquisition to retirement in an organization. This could be a small office or multiple facilities spread across the country. Asset tracking software can customise as per requirements of customers. With IT asset tracking software, we can create service request, software upgradation date and licence renewal etc.

Asset management software system Dubai UAE

Generate mobile-friendly barcodes & QR codes, and don’t forget about powerful reporting, a full audit trail, and an extensive.

Features of Asset Tracking Software

• Asset Procurement Process
•  Depreciation (Multiple Depreciation Methods)
• Asset Sales / Disposal Process
• Barcode Generation and Tagging Process
• Asset Assignments to Custodian, Division, Department, Location and Tracking
• Movement Tracking with Movement History
• Asset Audit
• Status and Warranty Tracking
• Hand Held Device based interfaces for Asset tracking Functions (Tagging, Movement, Audit, Disposal, and Verification)

Benefits fixed assets tracking system

• Optimize capital and other asset investments through integrated lifecycle management of asset acquisition, utilization, repurposing, and decommissioning/disposal
• Improve the use of every asset with centralized lifecycle management and tracking
• Reduce excess asset inventory with a clear understanding of actual needs
• Enable better decisions in asset repurposing/replacement choices to avoid unnecessary expenditures
• Facilitate the decommissioning and/or disposal processes of capital equipment and other assets
• It can integrate with HRMS solution

IT asset management software dubai with mobile Application

• Optimize every asset’s use through integrated lifecycle management of all assets
• Improve accountability by centrally monitoring and tracking all changes throughout an asset’s lifecycle
• Reduce excess inventory/warehousing levels with better understanding of asset requirements
• Lower asset management process costs through clear understanding of each asset’s lifecycle status
• Visually locate assets by leveraging existing space backbone data for space allocation/chargeback data

What is IT asset management software?

IT asset management software is sometimes referred to as IT inventory management because it typically involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information which is then used to make decisions about purchases and how assets are used. Having an accurate IT asset inventory helps companies use their assets more effectively and avoid unnecessary asset purchases by re-using existing resources. IT asset management also enables organizations to lower the risks costs of unknowingly building new IT projects on outdated infrastructure foundations.IT Asset management is made effective using metadata and electronic records to track and categorize the organization’s assets. Metadata is the description of the physical or digital asset and any supporting information that is needed to inform asset management decisions. The metadata depth can vary depending on the needs of the organization. Our other software’s are Van sales managing software, performance management system and HRMS software.

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