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Avaya vantage telephone dubai | buy avaya telephones uae, voip phone

Avaya Vantage phone

Avaya vantage telephone

Avaya Vantage telephone is the industry’s only customizable desktop phone that gives you the advantages of a Deskphone and the flexibility of an application platform. It is modern, connected, and personalized. Avaya Vantage pbx phone is the all-new dedicated desktop device that provides simple, instant, seamless & natural Engagement. Users can fire up voice, chat, collaboration instantly through one touch connections with no unnatural breaks or pauses – eliminating the need to manage multiple devices to engage.It is a avaya voip phone.

avaya vantage telephone dubai uae

Avaya vantage sip phone dubai

Brand new, all glass, innovative – Avaya Vantage SIP phone is a giant leap forward into a potential series of new cutting-edge desktop devices. Avaya Vantage SIP phone is an expression of the next generation of dedicated engagement devices that mesh brilliantly with today’s mobile workflows. The Avaya Vantage SIP Phone is built for acoustic excellence and performance in a dedicated device, engineered for audio and video communications that is always on, in-reach, and ready.

avaya vantage pbx phone dubai uae

Avaya vantage IP office phone

Vantage Voice Assistant is one of the first new applications that is available for Avaya Vantage IP Office phone through Google Play store. It focuses on communication features and will also be useful in environments where multiple Vantage devices are near. It is a huge value addition to Vantage Device, strengthening it as an application platform for developers interested in creating applications based on unique business communication needs of their customers.

Avaya vantage pbx phone

Avaya Equinox can installed on Avaya Vantage PBX phone in uae, offering users a rich and vibrant user experience. Customers can also use Avaya Vantage PBX phone Basic, a simple app designed for audio and video calling. Also available is Avaya Vantage Open, a SIP client that works seamlessly with Avaya Vantage PBX phone. It delivers an easy-to-use, full-featured voice communications experience on 3rd party hosted call logging system control infrastructure. Avaya Vantage PBX phone is particularly well-suited for vertical markets such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, media & entertainment where it creates opportunities for communications as a contextual part of workflow applications.

Avaya vantage IP telephone

In the hospitality area, hotels can deploy Vantage IP telephone to guest rooms and use the Avaya Breeze Client SDK to create a stunning guest room experience. The user interface can be designed to let guests manage them in-room preferences, such as curtains, lights, heating and cooling. The on-screen menu will entice the customers to use the hotel restaurant, or at the touch of the screen order room service. Vantage devices can be deployed on nurse stations. The Avaya Breeze Client SDK can be used to create a nursing staff App to make common functions that usually involve looking up information on a computer screen and separately using a phone to dial a number simple and automatic, as part of the same process flow on the Avaya Vantage IP phone. It can integrate with Avaya telephone system

Benefits of Avaya vantage telephone

  • Provides natural engagement: In sync with the present day multi-channel communication needs, eliminating the need to own multiple devices that give rise to communications silos.
  • Ease of use: Provides simplified user interface on large touch screen displays and eliminates unnatural workflows or pauses during communications.
  • Avaya VoIP phone.

Connectivity of vantage avaya voip phone system


  • Dual Port RJ45 connected Ethernet


  • Wireless access point mode
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Hotspot


  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE, Optional module. Integrated Bluetooth for pairing accessories, cordless handset and wireless headsets


  • Power over Ethernet EEE 802.3af

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