Pbx Call Accounting System,Call Monitoring Software Dubai,Abu Dhabi,UAE

Pbx Call Accounting System And Call Monitoring Software Dubai


The telecommunication investment by reviewing the billed reports generated from the Call monitoring software. The call accounting system application is capable to create a single consolidated view of complete incoming and outgoing calls handled by PBX systems thus extending the convenience of analysing the utilisation of voice and data services across an organisation.Call billing system software can compatible for all types of telephone system.It can integrate with pbx call recording system.

Call Accounting System Software Dubai UAE
         Call Accounting System Software Dubai UAE


Acepaq offer Call accounting software can reconcile multiple telecom carrier billing reports by integrating telecom invoices, wireless billing, long distance charges and calling cards into a single platform, allowing your business to use the convergent expense software to provide management reports, analytic reports, alerts and robust presentations.Today’s voice communications are a composite mix of enterprise legacy based systems, TDM and MPLS networks, VoIP services, and communications making the collection of call record data exceptionally difficult and time consuming.

Call Monitoring Software System Dubai UAE
Call Monitoring Software System Dubai 


Call Accounting software helps you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular, and other business data and allocate telecommunication charges so that you can deal with reporting inquiries, and stay focused on your business operations.Integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, traffic and cost management and feature rich voice logging capabilities, the Call Billing System and call monitoring software shows the full fledged report of all incoming, outgoing, local, long distance and international calls routed through the telecommunication system. Detailed SMDR information with trunk and extension number, caller or called number, date and time of call, call type, duration with cost of each call and much more are available to facilitate the account management process.

Call Billing System Software Dubai UAE
Call Billing System Software Dubai UAE


Call monitoring or call center monitoring is the practice of monitoring support, sales, and other business calls and telephone calls for the purposes of auditing them. These audits are then used to track and improve the impact of interactions between agents and customers. Call monitoring, typically facilitated with call monitoring software, ensures quality control and helps contact centers understand which areas need improvement.

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