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Call center solution Dubai | contact center software | customer care system

Call Center Solution Dubai

Call Center sOLUTION Software dubai

Call Center Solution Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, customer care system, contact center multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting. Acepaq is providing customised call center solution in Dubai, UAE.

Call center Solution Dubai UAE

Cloud-based call center software in Dubai

Cloud-based call center solutions are, unsurprisingly, hosted in the cloud by a business phone service provider. Users access the service through an app installed on their computer or mobile. This solution relies on internet access with enough bandwidth to comfortably accommodate all users. The call center’s data is hosted on the cloud, and the corresponding servers either belong to the service provider, or to third party.

Contact center Software integration

On premises call center solution Dubai

This configuration means that your call center’s communication hardware, software, and infrastructure all remain in your offices. The dedicated communication servers can take different forms, PBX or IP PBX. Your team takes care of installation, maintenance, and upkeep in every regard. Everything from your servers to headsets to integration support is controlled internally.

Customer care System setup Dubai

Call Center Software Functions and Features

  • Statistics and reports including possibility of compiling customized reports
  • Real-time call center statistics with online live monitoring
  • Regular email reports
  • Phone calls evaluation and reporting
  • Wallboard – real-time information displayed on LCD screen/web browser

Call center hardware Installation Dubai

What is an inbound call center system?

An inbound call center solution is a contact center companies use to take large volumes of phone calls from those who are seeking technical support, answers to questions, issue resolution, or any other customer service issues. The calls are answered by customer service agents or call agents, unlike outbound call center solution which predominantly focus on making calls. It's a necessity for nearly every industry. Inbound call center software embedded in the Support ticketing system, allowing service teams to provide more personal, productive phone support within an omnichannel customer journey. Talk helps customer service teams provide inbound call center services within a multichannel context, for seamless support across email, chat, social media, SMS and voice. If your team is considering inbound call center solutions, talk helps growing service teams resolve issues faster, measure and improve phone support operations and deliver better customer experiences across channels.

outbound call center solution Dubai

An outbound call center is one in which call center agents make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a business or client. Calls made from the center can include telemarketing, sales or fund-raising calls, as well as calls for contact list updating, surveys or verification services. A call center may handle either outbound or inbound calls exclusively or might deal with a combination of the two. An outbound call center uses distinct metrics to measure agent success, such as cost per call, revenue earned, total calls made, and tasks completed. An inbound call center uses different metrics, such as first call resolution (FCR).

Browser-based call center software in Dubai

Browser-based call center solution software is similar to cloud-based software. Much of the advantages and drawbacks are the same, the main difference is that users access their sessions through their internet browser rather than through an installed app. Cloud-based call center software providers will often provide a browser version of their app, for their users’ convenience.

Call center implementation service

Hybrid hosted call center software uae

Hybrid software means that your call center’s software is hosted off-site and accessed through the internet or intranet. This solution tends to articulate the pros and cons of the previous two models. This solution can represent a good middle ground, but its potential drawbacks are many. It’s cheaper on acquisition than an on premises solution, but still requires third-party maintenance. It’s less flexible than a cloud-based system, more expensive, and less secure.

Integrate Call Center Software & CRM

customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, such as the Agent for Salesforce, empower your agents to personalize omnichannel customer service. With these seamless, bidirectional CRM integrations, you’ll increase agent efficiency and independence by delivering a real-time 360-degree view of the customer.

CRM and Call Center Software Integration Features

  • Give agents a 360-degree view of the customer, including insights into previous interactions, regardless of channel.
  • A consolidated agent interface seamlessly integrates into the CRM system by streamlining omnichannel contact handling and shortening agent ramp-up and interaction handling times.
  • Deploy an integrated solution in hours, not days or weeks. Download and apply updates or upgrades when it suits your schedule.
  • Our skills-based routing engine ensures every contact is automatically delivered to the best available agent, based on agent skills, agent skill level, customer profile, and contact center data


Intelligently Distribute Calls with a Smart ACD System Make ACD your own by getting the complete freedom to decide how and whom do you want to route and where. With a powerful node flow designer to back it up - offers extreme flexibility when it comes to defining the routing algorithms. You can decide the best routing mechanism based on CRM data, IVR selection, business hours and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience.

Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution for call center solution

  • The ACD solution makes it easier to scale up your operations effortlessly and quickly, and with lesser infrastructure costs.
  • Compatible with every communication channel and makes universal queue for voice, email, chat, social media and more!
  • Skill­s-based dynamic routing directs calls based on the level of an agents’ expertise
  • Automatically call back customers who don’t want to wait
  • Seamless integration with third­-party databases
  • Smart Reporting & Insights — analyze productivity and performance via GUI web­-based real­-time call reports

IVR - Interactive Voice Response Solutions for contact center

 All-in-One Solution for Contact Centers and IVR are the same platform, and they play very nicely together. A full-service IVR solution that enables you to create an optimal end-to-end customer experience that minimizes dropped calls and maximizes revenue.

  • Enhances your customer experience whilst simultaneously driving cost out of the contact center.
  • With Studio It’s a snap to make updates to your IVR. Automatic Call back included.
  • Easily connect customer data with your call center by using our out-of-the-box CRM integrations.
  • IVR supports Automated Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech in multiple languages.

If a customer can’t wait in queue any longer, our automatic call back asks for their phone number, and our ACD automatically calls them back. We keep their place in line until your next agent is available. You can also offer a scheduled call back within the IVR phone system. At the customer’s requested time, we will automatically route an outbound call to them via a qualified agent.

What is Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Why Does it Matter in the Contact Center?

Workforce Management forecasts volume for all communication channels within a contact center and then provides the accompanying labor requirements and agent schedules to serve the forecasted volume. Allowing an algorithm to project your future volume and labor needs has the potential to drastically improve the efficiency of your labor utilization. The potential gain in efficiency and thus cost savings are significant. Performance Management represents tools focused on improving performance of contact center agents in any industry or specialization. Advanced solutions will aggregate data from nearly every fundamental piece of technology the agents use and quantify, trend, and graph the necessary components to simple performance analysis. By significantly reducing the effort required to mine data, leadership can apply more attention toward strategies for improvement.

Contact center speech Analytics

Speech analytics is at the forefront of the corporate push to make intelligence gained from Big Data not only valuable but actionable in real-time. Speech analytics offers the ability to create meaningful voice data and interaction trends to help companies improve services, reduce costs, and grow revenue in their contact center and other business areas. Originally called audio-mining, in which audio files were converted to text to enable searches of specific words or phrases, speech analytics now involves in-depth searches based on phonetics with the ability to detect certain emotions expressed on a phone call as well as trends within a call, such as hold times, silent patches, or agents talking over a caller. With new technologies, such as real-time speech analytics, emotional analytics and AI, contact centers can create better customer experiences

Contact center text Analytics – voice to text

Nowadays, the ability to convert call records from voice to text makes it possible to apply text mining methods to extract information from calls. In this study, it is aimed not only to evaluate the sentiment (positive/negative) of the calls in general, but also to measure the customer satisfaction and representative's performance by using call record texts. New features have been extracted from texts using text mining methods. Using the features extracted, prediction models were developed to evaluate the contents of call records by classification and regression methods. Because of this study, it is planned to utilize the prediction models developed in call centers.

Voice Translation and Transcription for your call center solution

Enable real time translation and/or transcription to any call, both incoming or outgoing. Text transcription and translation will be displayed via web url in real time Voice translation will be heard on the line Get numerical info via DTMF Teach Lexiphone your scripts for even higher accuracy.

ERP Integrations with Call Center software

The knowledge about your customers and their needs comes mainly from tracking their behaviour during their visits to your website. However, it is not the only available source as apart from those which use online identification, we can extract and supply client information directly from and to ERP and Call Center systems. SALES Marketing Automation software, thanks to its unique features, allows us to automate your marketing and sales operations and target them at prospects whose data and transactions are stored in other systems.

Call center solution for voicemail system

Voicemails are messages that callers can leave for businesses when no call center agents are available to take calls. These messages can then later be reviewed and assigned to agents for follow-up. For call centers that would like to find a balance between being available for callers and efficiently handling customer inquiries, voicemail can be a great option.

Microsoft outlook configuration with call center system in Dubai

It provides out of the box integration with Microsoft Outlook. This plugin opens the contact record in Microsoft Outlook, creates a new contact if the inbound caller is not found, and creates a journal entry for the contact when the call ends. It also provides click to call functionality by adding menus and toolbars to the Outlook contacts. When an inbound call arrives to your extension, the contact record will be shown by Microsoft Outlook. If a contact is not matched and the option “Create new contacts if not found” is checked, a new contact will be created and shown so you can update its details.

Call center call tracking system Dubai

Acepaq provides both inbound and outbound call recording capabilities. Live call recordings can be paused and resumed within the interface. At the end of each call the recording is automatically stored in the activity feed of the associated customer care solution. This allows for easy, anytime analysis of the content of recorded calls to help you better understand each caller’s intent, ensure that high quality standards are being met and gather actionable business intelligence.

What is an Call center Outbound Dialer?

Constant engagement with the customer is the tenant of modern business operations. A proactive outbound strategy that help initiate correspondence with the existing customer base while nurturing new ones is the way forward. Essentially, an outbound dialer is a software that allows agents to reach out to customers by allowing them to make calls in both manual and automated mode. Outbound Dialer software is the answer to an energetic communication channel that spans over every touchpoint- SMS, Social, Web, Calls and Emails. The feature is equipped with comprehensive capabilities that includes voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, multiple campaign management, lead management and much more. Outbound dialer keeps into account legal and regulatory complainces and help organizations map business goals without compromising on customer experience.

Call center headsets in dubai

Spending most of the day on phone answering calls could be intimidating for the employees. But the introduction of headsets to the working environment made the job easier for the workers to concentrate on tasks while on the call. Not only does it make the environment so relaxed and paused but it creates a high impact on the productivity among employees as well.  Headsets are most beneficial for all industries operating in a customer centric environment that includes the insurance sector, finance institution sector, call center and IT environment, hospitality sector and more. The decision for picking the headsets for your organization depends on the cost and the practical purpose for which it is to be used particularly. It would be way better to opt a solution that is right for your business subject to certain parameters such as the audio quality, noise suppression, noise isolating etc…it could be the great deal for your business in terms of cost and time. Our call center headsets are Plantronics headset, Jabra headsetssennheiser wired and wireless headsets.

Call center Workforce management (WFM)

Balance is the key in everything we do. Workforce management (WFM) is all about mastering the right balance between excellent customer experience and costs. With the right WFM software, contact centers can achieve optimal agent coverage with minimum resources. Softwares delivers intuitive WFM capabilities that ensure smoother operations. Call center software keeps you balanced and on your toes. Workforce Management features integrate with the contact center platform for efficient staff scheduling.  WFM software leverages the capabilities of NICE systems to deliver the ability to improve business performance and increase operational efficiency. Contact center managers gain enterprise-wide visibility into staff scheduling through Genesys software.

Customer Experience across your Call Center Customer Interactions

Your call center-based customer touchpoints, whether they be informational, transactional, or customer service oriented, are one of the most crucial customer interaction channels for your organization. Real-time, live call center interactions give your brand a voice and are some of the best opportunities for you to establish a connection and most importantly, trust, with your customers. Second To None’s Call Center Voice of Customer Survey solutions can help you continuously and accurately understand the customer call center experience: wait times, hold times, representative friendliness, professionalism and knowledge, as well as call resolution and offline follow-up across your call center touchpoints, including Genesys purecloud omni-channel initiatives.

Call center order management system

Use the Order Management module in the CRM to create/track orders for customers through the call center solution. Import and Maintain the Inventory of all the different products with the Product Management module integrated into Order Management. Track your order every step of the way, from the time of creation till delivery, with order processing time at each step.

Call center case – complaints management system

Track the effectiveness of your case and issue handling, including response time, to ensure customer satisfaction. Call center software edition for CRM manages customer complaints and issues with ‘Case Management’ module. Cases can be created through the CRM system as well as through a simple email sent to a address. Handle customer cases quickly and effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of Customer Service Solutions for a Contact Center

As per research, a large percentage of calls for customer service are repetitive in nature. With a customer service Genesys pureconnect software solution these routine calls can be self-serviced so that only complex concerns could be directed to agents thereby saving on agent-time. Customer service innovative customer care solutions ensure high quality services with minimal installation, maintenance and expansion costs.  Reduction in such operational costs results in better ROI and have a positive impact on the company's bottom-line.

Contact Center for Enterprise solution

Our Contact Center for Enterprise solutions are for organizations requiring advanced capabilities and customization, which are highly available and can be used within distributed environments. A data-driven, omni-channel routing engine delivers customer interactions to a unified queue so the agent has comprehensive access to the customer interaction life-cycle, across all communications and work tasks. It also increasing agent productivity and effectiveness which boosts overall contact center performance. Our enterprise solution is a scalable, highly modular, omni-channel contact center platform that costs a fraction of equivalent competitive solutions, while providing flexible deployment options and is Genesys pureengage and PBX agnostic.

Contact Center Compliance system

Contact Center Compliance provides a trusted suite of cloud-based compliance solutions including real-time re-assigned phone number and TCPA litigator scrubbing.  We help protect your business environment from devastating fines and brand damage in this increasingly dynamic and complex regulatory environment.

Looking to get live leads using press-1 call center campaign?

Tell people your message and let them press - 1 to transfer calls to an agent or ask the caller to leave a message. Set upto 10 digits between 0 - 9 as transfer options. Review the audio recordings and transcripts of the transfer instantly. Emails with all the details can be sent for every transfer. Analyse the daily conversion rate for your press-1 campaign with the daily reports.

Send voice and SMS messages to your Salesforce leads and contacts

A manager can create a campaign in Salesforce and assign the leads to that campaign. The Voice and SMS manager can then log into CallHub and import the contacts in that campaign. All the activity related to that contact will then reflect in the Salesforce campaign.

Contact Center Unified Communications solution

The meaning of “unified communications” can vary, depending on whom you’re talking to, but most of us think of unified communications as the integration of different types of enterprise communications and call center solution in a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. But what does this mean in the contact center, where they already have omni-channel communications?  This series, which will run through rest of the year, will explore how integrating unified communications with contact center systems can make a big difference in call center metrics such as customer satisfaction, first call resolution and agent productivity by enabling collaboration between agents and between agents and rest of the enterprise.

Contact Center Unified Communications Components

First, let’s quickly define all the types of communication involved in contact center unified communications as represented in the figure below.

  • Voice: It is safe to say that you’re familiar with the voice channel. While this originally meant the analog phone call over a copper that we are all familiar with, it has expanded to include digital “voice as data” or VOIP.
  • Mobility: This includes all your mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, e-readers, PDAs…even portable music players. If you can carry it and it has access to the Internet, people will want to collaborate with you on it. Even as this blog is being written, this category is expanding to include wearables. Currently wearables are most commonly devices to monitor health and fitness, but smart watches such as the Apple iWatch and glasses such as Google glass will no doubt gain momentum in this space.
  • Presence: This feature lets you see who is available via what communication method and if they are busy or not.
  • Email: Most of us know only too well what this is, and email is no different in this context.
  • Instant messaging: Also known as IM, an instant message is a real-time, text-based communication (similar to chat). It uses a shared software client. Enterprise messaging is used by organizations as a means of easy communication within the business. Enterprise IM can include access restrictions and other security measures, such as encryption. It can include file transfer.
  • Desktop Sharing: Also known as screen sharing, this allows you to share your computer desktop with one or many other users. This can be done over a private network or over the Internet.
  • Directory Services: Directory services are software systems that store, organize and provide personnel contact information. What this means is that you can always contact someone on your team, even if you don’t know where they are, or what their number or email is.
  • Video: Video conferencing has recently become affordable for everyday business. In video conferencing, two or more sets of hardware and software interact while simultaneously transmitting and receiving video and audio signals. Video conferencing can include sharing documents, whiteboards, etc.

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