ClearOne Audio Conference System Dubai

ClearOne Audio Conference System

The ClearOne audio conference system Dubai for professional Voice Solutions for Any Workspace. Clear, intelligible audio elevates the user experience in any workspace from cubicles and huddle spaces to executive offices, boardrooms, and auditoriums. When you choose ClearOne audio conference system , you get the highest-quality audio and visual solutions and a team committed to your success. The reliability, flexibility and performance of our comprehensive solutions save organizations time and money by creating natural environments for effective and efficient personal and group communication.

ClearOne audio conference system dubai uae
ClearOne audio conference system dubai uae

ClearOne Audio Conference Phones

Conference phones with full-duplex audio that can be daisy-chained for unmatched scalability and control to cover medium to large conference rooms. MAX EX & MAXAttach EX has Unrivaled audio clarity, room coverage and control for your analog phone system. ClearOne conference phone MAX IP & MAXAttach IP has A fully expandable VoIP tabletop conference phone providing unrivaled audio clarity using HD Conference audio processing. ClearOne audio conference phone MAX Wireless & MAXAttach Wireless can enjoy wireless conferencing for small and medium-sized rooms with wireless phones that support secure, encrypted transmission.

ClearOne Conference Phone Dubai UAE

ClearOne Audio Conference Microphones

The ClearOne Audio conefrence microphone in dubai, uae. Beamforming Microphone Arrays Are Professional-grade beamforming arrays. The state-of-the-art technology for uncompromised audio quality and aesthetics. Beamforming microphones arrays models are beamforming microphone array, beamforming microphone array2 and BMA CT. Ceiling Microphone Arrays are the richest sounding tri-element ceiling microphone arrays in the industry. Ceiling microphone arrays models are ceiling microphone array, ceiling microphone array Dante and ceiling microphone array Analog. The ClearOne audio conference wireless microphone systems offer versatility, scalability, and affordability with superior audio quality for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications. Wireless microphone system we have two models Dialog 20 and WS800. Our other microphone models are tabletop microphone, Delta microphone and Button microphone.

ClearOne microphones Dubai UAE
microphones Dubai UAE

ClearOne Audio Conference Converge PA 460 Amplifier

A powerful and compact high-efficiency Class-D audio power amplifier. CONVERGE PA 460 is optimized to work with ClearOne’s DSP mixers, and it also works with any third-party mixer. Clearone CONVERGE PA 460 amplifier is a 4 Channel x 60 Watts, high-efficiency Class-D power audio amplifier for reliable amplification with professional sound quality for conferencing, sound reinforcement, and applications.

ClearOne audio Amplifier Dubai UAE
ClearOne audio Amplifier Dubai UAE

ClearOne Conference Phones

Flexible USB speakerphones, powered by ClearOne’s HDConference audio, provide unmatched audio clarity and enhance the conferencing experience. Group speakerphones These speakerphones provide unmatched audio clarity and simple connection to multiple devices in executive offices, huddle spaces, and conference rooms. Group speakerphones models are ClearOne Chat 150, chatattach 160, chat 170 and chatAttach 170. Personal speakerphone models are Chat 50, Chat 60 and Chat 70.

ClearOne Audio DSP Mixers

Industry-leading professional ClearOne audio conferencing systems bring state-of-the-art audio technology to any workspace, from huddle spaces to the largest meeting venues and boardrooms. CONVERGE Pro 2 is experience the industry’s most advanced professional-voice DSP platform for conferencing, sound reinforcement and audio distribution. The ClearOne INTERACT Pro Get professional voice conferencing with true stereo echo cancellation, allowing direct connection to enterprise telephones, PCs, and HD Video Collaboration systems. Our other DSP mixers are Converge Huddle and Interact Pro.

ClearOne audio DSP mixers Dubai UAE
ClearOne audio DSP mixers Dubai UAE

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