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Cue TouchOne Room Reservations Solution Dubai | Touchone uae Acepaq

Cue OneTouch

Cue Touchone room reservation solution dubai

The CUE touchONE system is a multilingual room reservation solution for boardrooms, conference rooms, lecture rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, universities, hotels, sports centres as well as any other meeting places. No expert knowledge is necessary as the installation is plug & play. Simple reservation is made straight from the touch panel, computer or mobile device through Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server or Google G Suite. The touch panel shows the current state of the room, reservation calendar and other options of the reservation, such as cancelling, prolongation or termination as well as finding another free room and reserving it. TouchONE system in Dubai, UAE can also show an overview summary of all rooms and meetings, for example in the lobby or at the reception. The large-scale display can be used to indicate room status in front of auditoriums, halls and other meeting rooms.

TouchOne Cue reservation solution Dubai

Touchone Solution system

The touchONE technology is suitable for any small offices, businesses, hotels, conference rooms and sports centres as well as for large corporate installations. The stability and scalability of the whole system enables using from one to hundreds of touch panels which can be interconnected with the main panel, for example at the reception. The touchONE is a completely proprietary hardware and software solution designed to work 24/7 and fulfilling latest security needs. Contact acepaq for touchone products with dealer price. The touchONE system offers a central administration and statistics & analytics console to review and completely manage the use of meeting rooms.

Features of Touchone room reservation solution

  • Displays room name & company logo
  • Room occupation or availability indication
  • Displayed current meeting
  • Meeting details available
  • Room calendar browsing
  • Current meeting extension and termination
  • Easy room reservation
  • Search for other available rooms
  • Meeting confirmation to eliminate
  • unused reserved rooms
  • Automated meeting confirmation
  • with occupancy sensors
  • Support for catering and cleaning requests
  • Support for various service requests
  • room occupancy sensors usage
  • PIN code authorization
  • Room equipment control using simple integration
  • with the CUE control system
  • Various color skins and layouts

Buy touchone in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Our other meeting room systems are Evoko Liso room manager and meeting room booking system. Please contact Acepaq for Demo, price, quote and solutions.