Extron Room Scheduler

Extron Room Scheduling System

In today’s business environment, meeting rooms are in high demand. Finding an available space can a time-consuming experience. We have simplified the room booking experience with Extron Room Scheduling system. This stand-alone system consists of elegantly-designed Extron TouchLink Room Scheduling panels that connect directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Calendar.Users can make reservations directly from these panels, a computer, or any smartphone or tablet that connects to any one of the supported mail servers.

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What is extron meeting room scheduling system?

Tailor the Extron Room Scheduling system for your organization and across any of your offices worldwide. There is no need to add new calendar types within your organization’s IT infrastructure; Extron Room Scheduling system fits easily into your existing tools. Whether your organization has 10 conference rooms or 1000, this secure, scalable solution is the ideal choice.Combining extron TouchLink Scheduling panels with occupancy sensors adds an extra layer of efficiency to your meeting spaces by reducing the risk of “ghost” and “zombie” meetings, where booked rooms go unused, resources are wasted, and team productivity is negatively impacted. Whether rooms are reserved ad-hoc or scheduled, occupancy sensors ensure that the room is available for others when needed.

Room Scheduling Analytics by extron in dubai

Extron TouchLink Scheduling panels provide the information you need to closely analyze room usage, activity patterns, and occupancy trends across the organization. The Scheduling Activity file provides at-a-glance room usage and meeting data for each extron touchpanel. Simply download this file and you will have all the information you need to generate powerful reports.

Make Informed Meeting Space Decisions with extron

Finding an available collaboration space can be frustrating and time-consuming. The problem is often not just a matter of room availability, but also room size and whether it is equipped to handle your required meeting tasks. Extron Room Scheduling system can help. Detailed metrics from each TLS panel serve as a valuable reference for addressing meeting room needs and future resource planning. This actionable data can aid organizations in striking the right balance between meeting space availability, size, and capabilities.

Extron Security and Trusted Data with the Enterprise in Mind

With Extron Room Scheduling systems, all activity and usage data is gathered from trusted, reliable sources. In addition, the hardware, application, and network are all protected so you can be confident in the integrity of your system and your data.

  • Encrypted communications across the ecosystem
  • Secured panel configurations and access to resource calendars using organization defined credentials
  • Each panel maintains a separate connection with the resource calendar assigned to each room through the calendar server
  • Manage resource calendars according to your organization’s administration policy and standards

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