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PixlMeet Dubai | Meeting rooms in Dubai, UAE |


PixlMeet Meeting Booking Solution

PixlMeet is a sophisticated meeting room booking and management solution which assists every workplace to effectively utilize their critical in-house resource. It helps avoid confusion, repetition, to-and-forth communication and time wastage and instead allow organizations to assign resources seamlessly. PixlMeet is available in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi.

PixlMeet meeting reservation Dubai UAE

Advance Calendar Integrations for Pixlmeet

With PixlMeet you can book meetings effortlessly as no additional tool is required to Book, Modify or Cancel meetings. Meetings can be booked through the Admin Portal which is integrated with MS Exchange, G Suite and Office 365 Cloud Server or spontaneously through the display screen outside the meeting room. View hourly break ups, attendees, start & end times with a reverse timer countdown to view room availability. PixlMeet comes with the functionality of touchscreens outside and inside the meeting rooms. Room availability can be viewed from afar, through LED lights which indicates the room status. The interactive screens display the meeting agenda, duration and the attendees.

PixlMeet Smart Display (SD)

The SD makes the difference with its A7 Dual Core processor and 7,10- and 15-inch HD LED display, offering users a rich choice of experience. The solution comes with LED Light Bars, Ceiling and Wall mount accessories to be cater to any meeting infrastructure.

Key Features of Pixl - Meet

  • Integrate with G Suite, Office 365 or MS Exchange
  • Manage meetings from interactive displays or through calendar.
  • Meeting information can be displayed outside the room.
  • Book and check-in to meetings through the display using a PIN or RFID
  • Available in English and Arabic languages.
  • Complete report on the bookings, no-shows, and usage
  • On-Premise or Subscription Model
  • Add-ons include Wi-Fi capability, LED Lights on Display

Buy Pixl Meet in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Our other meeting room booking systems are Evoko room manager EMR 2001, TouchOne system and Extron system. Please Contact Acepaq Dubai for quote, demo and price.