Polycom EagleEye Cameras

Polycom EagleEye Series Cameras

Polycom EagleEye cameras provide the ultimate experience to optimize video collaboration. EagleEye IV and EagleEye Acoustic cameras are designed to meet your varying environments and applications in conjunction with Polycom RealPresence Group Series video systems. From huddle rooms, to desktops, classrooms to customized board rooms, Polycom EagleEye cameras in dubai, UAE deliver best in class video quality to all participants. Models are EagleEye Acoustic camera, Polycom EagleEye Producer, polycom eagleeye mini and eagleeye director.

Polycom eagleeye cameras series Dubai UAE

Features of Polycom EagleEye cameras

  • High definition video transmission
  • Clear, crisp natural colors from precisely tuned optics
  • Quick, fluid movements with sharp focus
  • Camera power supplied by Polycom RealPresence Group Series video system eliminating the need for a power supply

Polycom EagleEye IV camera dubai

The Polycom EagleEye IV 4x and 12x cameras have a completely digital camera sensor to capture incredible detail for more natural communication. With a wide field of view, these cameras are flexible enough to use in any room environment, from a small huddle room to a large boardroom. With the optional Polycom EagleEye Digital Extender, the cameras can mounted up to 330 feet away from the video system, providing you the flexibility to move the camera where you need it. Combine the EagleEye IV camera with EagleEye Producer or EagleEye Director II for an automated camera experience.

eagle eye IV

Polycom EagleEye Acoustic camera

The Polycom EagleEye Acoustic camera is an optimal solution for a smaller environment. With built-in microphones and small footprint, this camera will easily blend into an executive office or huddle room.

polycom acoustic camera

Polycom EagleEye Producer Kit

Utilizing the latest in facial recognition technology, the system continually scans the room and seamlessly commands the MPTZ camera to appropriately frame the users. This intelligent method of dynamic framing greatly improves the user experience and solves the common problem of wide angle shots that fail to immerse participants in a meeting. EagleEye Producer enables you to see true expressions and vital non-verbal communications for more naturally effective meetings.

Polycom EagleEye Producer camera

Polycom EagleEye Producer changes the face of video collaboration through automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants. Utilizing the latest in facial recognition and speaker tracking technologies, the system continually scans the room and seamlessly commands the movable camera to pan, tilt, and zoom, appropriately framing the users. As someone in the room begins speaking, the system cuts directly to an appropriately framed view of that speaker. This intelligent method of camera tracking greatly improves user experience and solves the common problem of wide angle shots that fail to immerse the participants, showing true expressions and understanding.

polycom realpresence eagleeye producer abu dhabi

Polycom EagleEye Director II Kit

Changes the face of group video communications by enabling close-up views of every speaker in a video conference, regardless of their location or the number of people in the room. By highlighting, zooming in, and framing active speakers, everyone can clearly see critical facial expressions and read the subtle body language which enables deeper engagement and more effective meetings.The power of EagleEye Director II extends beyond the conference room by providing powerful data analytics to measure the return on investment of video collaboration, when used in conjunction with Polycom RealPresence Group Series and Polycom RealPresence Clariti. Data reports include the number of participants at the beginning, middle, and end of each meeting, which can be used to ensure each video room investment is utilized to its fullest potential. Additionally, IT professionals can monitor room usage to ensure that automated conferences are being attended and not running in empty rooms.

Polycom EagleEye Director II camera

Meeting across sites is as natural as being in the same room now that presenters are seen up close without fumbling with technology. Polycom EagleEye Director II camera automatically zooms in on an active speaker without the use of a remote control or camera presets. EagleEye Director II takes video conferencing to the next level, so meeting participants no longer have to worry whether they’re in camera view or stop the conversation to grab the remote control. Distributor of eagleeye camera. For larger meetings, two EagleEye Director II cameras can connect via Cascading Mode to ensure every part of your meeting is in view. Now, 100% of your time in meetings is focusing on the bigger issue—solving critical business problems.

eagle eye director video camera

Polycom EagleEye Mini camera

The EagleEye Mini USB camera completes your Polycom audio experience by bringing business-class HD Video to personal and small room environments, adding crisp, clear video to the exceptional audio of the Polycom realpresence Trio 8800 collaboration kit and Trio 8500, Polycom VoxBox, and Polycom VVX 501/601 for a complete audio and video experience.

  • High-definition 1080p60 capture with true color hue saturation and brightness for the most accurate color rendition and life-like images
  • 4x electronic zoom and a 74-degree field of view
  • Simulcast video stream
  • Installs in seconds – no drivers needed

eagleeye mini

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