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Pri Gateway Dubai | ISDN E1,T1,J1 Pri Voip gateway UAE | pbx pri system

Pri Gateway

Pri gateway Dubai telecommunication solution

PRI Gateway Dubai enables direct routing of calls between the fixed line ISDN and the cost-effective IP networks for capitalizing on low cost VoIP telephony. By integrating a VoIP ISDN PRI Gateway in Dubai with existing PBX / PABX telephone systems, businesses of all sizes can benefit from low-cost Voice over IP calls and achieve substantial cost savings without the high upfront costs associated with communications infrastructure changes related with the migration to VoIP. This enterprise level gateway supports up to 60 simultaneous calls, has onboard DSP for Line Echo Cancellation and all codec transcoding licenses are included.

Pri Gateway Dubai UAE
Pri Gateway Dubai UAE

Pri  gateway for telephone system

Includes on board clock for synchronization. This unit will convert PRI lines to IP and vice versa. It can handle fax through the optional FXS ports. A new PHP based user interface will allow easy configuration and display status of spans and channels. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) or Internet Telephony has become the norm of communication for most businesses today. It is becoming popular with the organizations of all sizes. Benefit for the organizations by using the VOIP systems is endless. There are many reasons why the business is embracing VOIP systems. Easy manageability, enhanced features and mobility and the call cost reduction makes it a favourable choice.

Isdn Pri gateway system dubai cost saving for ip calls

Pri Gateway in UAE Systems has developed a series of scalable VoIP PRI Gateways that support up to 72 simultaneous VoIP ports. These  PRI Gateways have the capability to support 2 x E1-PRI, 3 x T1-PRI and Analog (FXO/FXS) interfaces and provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy PBX phone with the cost-effective IP networks – without changing the existing communications infrastructure. Acepaq’s unique VoIP Gateway HG-1600VE solution boasts a fast and easy installation that enables both inbound and outbound traffic for VoIP and PSTN (GSM and CDMA cellular calls) – all in one compact box. The VoIP Gateway Systems can pre-configured to meet precise customer requirements. Companies can expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time.

Advantages of Isdn pri gateway uae | ISDN E1/T1/J1 VoIP Gateway UAE 

  • From 8 to 72 VoIP ports
  • E1-PRI, T1-PRI and Analogs interfaces are supported
  • Up to 2xE1-PRI, or 3xT1 Interfaces
  • Inbound and Outbound calls
  •  Advanced LCR & Routing Groups
  • IP address & DDI pattern restrictions
  • Optional – GSM, CDMA and UMTS calls
  • Audio Conference Connection
  • High quality of voice
  • WEB management and control
  •  Voice logger integration
  • Connect to IP Telephones
  •  Telephone headset connectivity
  • Fast and easy installation

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