Call center call logger

Call CENTER call logger SYSTEM

Record Outbound and incoming Calls:- When placing an outbound call with one of your tracking numbers, you’ll select Call center call logger record Call from within  Softphone. Once the call has ended, the voice logger(call center call logging) will available in your dashboard, as well as in the email notifications you receive after each call.It is the most advanced call and screen recording solution available today. Call center call recording is highly reliable, easily implemented and remarkably effective in virtually any environment.

Call center call logger system dubai uae
Call center call logger system dubai uae

Call centER call recording system software

Call center call logger uae record your multimedia interactions from a wide range of network configurations, call center logging and VoIP telephony environments, and across any number of locations. With the optional VPI Fact Finder tool, the system can automatically tag data and events to recordings either directly from employee desktop application screens or from customer databases - for enhanced search capabilities and automated classification and analysis centered on key business issues.

Call center call recording system Dubai UAE
Call center call recording system Dubai UAE


All recordings can be encrypted. The Call Recorder dubai ISDN uses the CryptoCard option for this feature. Playback of encrypted recordings is not possible without the CryptoCard the recording was made with.Playback of encrypted recordings on a PC is possible only with the optional CryptoCard reader in conjunction with the original or a matching CryptoCard. Call recorders ISDN that have compression facilities on board compress recordings according to the G.723.1 format. G.723.

Call center call recording software dubaiuae
           Call center call recording software uae

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