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Pbx Call Recording System,Telephone Voice Logger,Logging Dubai,UAE

Pbx call recording

pbx call recording system

The pbx call Recording system and VoIP voice logger brings Voice over IP recording technology within reach of even the smallest and enterprise business. The pbx call recording solution VoIP can used to record one IP phone on your desk or record multiple channels. This makes the Call Recorder VoIP the ideal solution for small medium to intermediate recording applications. As soon as you install the telephone system Call Recording system VoIP the recording software supplied will store all calls in a comprehensive database including all available data such as; date and time, duration, phone numbers, call direction etc.

pbx call recording system Dubai UAE
        pbx call recording system UAE

Telephone system call recording system dubai

Telephone system call recording system makes sure that recordings can found quickly when needed, even in a database with thousands of calls. Whether you are a single user, small practice, midsize enterprise or even a Call Centre; the Call Recorder VoIP offers great functionality for a very limited investment. Desktop and IP Softphones with VoIP telephony the use of Soft Phones has grown rapidly. The Call Recorder VoIP will of course also record from compatible Softphones as well as from desktop phones. The Call Recorder comes standard with one recording license. Up to three additional licenses can be added if needed.

telephone system call recording system dubai uae
telephone system call recording system Dubai


Pbx call Recording system may start automatically. The recording is stored on a hard disk or pc  together with additional data like, time, date, incoming and outgoing call numbers, duration of the call etc. This has Call Recorders available for almost any possible application. Whether it is for a single line or telephone, or to record the complete telecommunication of an organisation, we and our specialised dealers will guide you to the best solution for your company’s needs. Reliable solutions Most Call Recorders work completely stand-alone, the Call Recorders have their own internal storage and work independent of a PC.

pbx call monitoring system dubai uae
                 pbx call monitoring system dubai

The small line recorders however, do need a PC to store and playback the recordings. Please visit our Product pages to find out about Call Recorders or call. Recorders can be implemented in a variety of systems. Providing a complete solution for recording phone, PC, and radio channels. Designed to fit into all major PBX manufactures and record on a variety of line types, your entire business communication network can recorded and monitored.

Acepaq deliver pbx call recording software products  in Dubai – Abu Dhabi –  Muscat – Riyadh – Doha – Qatar – Oman -Kuwait – Manama – Bahrain – Saudi Arabia – Sharjah.