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Audio Conferencing System Dubai | Audio Conference System Phone UAE

Audio conferencing

Audio Conferencing System

Audio conferencing system is quick, convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with employees, colleagues and clients the corner, across the country or on the side of the globe. Audio conferencing systems from Acepaq make smart business sense.The adoption and use of audio conference system services has grown over the past decade. Company of all sizes have grown to understand its value and leverage its ability to get the right people involved to inform, discuss, gather opinions, and make critical decisions every day.Audio conferencing phone is working with sip or analog lines.

Audio Conferencing System Dubai UAE
Audio Conferencing System Dubai UAE

Audio conference SYSTEM dubai

The growing use of smartphones and tablets due in part to an increasingly mobile workforce. The desire for users to bring their own devices into the workplace changes how users connect to their conference calls. Carrying a mobile device increases the chances that participants are available to attend a meeting. According to a recent end user survey, 17% of users indicated that their mobile phone has become their preferred device for connecting to an audio conferences. To make conferencing easy, Acepaq’s solution allows anyone to join an audio conference phone on any touch tone phone.

Audio Conference System Dubai UAE
Audio Conference System

High quality conference systems buy from acepaq

The way conferencing access and used changes. Users replaces their traditional fixed-line PSTN telephones with the devices they carry with them smartphones. Laptops equipped with soft phones which can make connecting to conferences convenient and deliver improved audio. Audio conference calls assign way to audio integrated with web collaboration so that meeting. Participants can share presentations and applications which can increase a meeting’s effectiveness.

Audio Conferencing Phone

Audio conferencing phone can have initiated  or scheduled from your office productivity suite and secured using PIN codes. With Acepaq’s conferencing and collaboration platform, audio conference phone can have controlled, allowing you to split a conference call, establish a private working group call, or even mute participants. You are in complete control. With everything from inexpensive solutions, you pay for what you use, to dedicated conferencing equipment supporting thousands of users along with solutions delivered as a managed service. This is an audio conferencing solution for the business.

Audio Conferencing Phone Dubai
                    Audio Conferencing Phone

Brands of audio conferencing system

  • Polycom audio conferencing solution
  • Alcatel lucent conference phone
  • Yealink conferencing solution
  • Avaya conferencing solution
  • Yamaha revolabs conferencing
  • Roomie conference phones
  • Clearone Audio conference system
  • Logitech rooms solution
  • Lifesize conferencing system
  • Aver conference system
  • Cisco conference system

Acepaq supply audio conferencing system products and services to  Dubai – UAE – Abu Dhabi –  Muscat – Riyadh – Dammam – Doha – Qatar – Oman – Kuwait – Manama – Bahrain – Saudi Arabia – Iraq –   Algeria – Morocco –  Nigeria – Jordan – Turkey – Tunisia – Angola – Ethiopia – Ghana – Zimbabwe – Sharjah.