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Polycom Audio Conferencing System | Polycom Conference Phone Dubai

polycom audio conferencing


Polycom audio conferencing system helps organizations unleash the power of human collaboration. Companies and institutions worldwide defy distance with video, voice and content solutions from Polycom. Polycom audio conferencing phone and its global partner ecosystem provide flexible collaboration solutions for any environment that deliver the best user experience and unmatched investment protection.Polycom audio conference system will help employees communicate each other.



Polycom audio conference system help maintain the focus on business by cutting out miscommunications and keeping the conversation flowing. Distinguishing voices from background noise, and from each other, on a conference call can be difficult. Even most of the basic conference phones now have omnidirectional microphone pickup,whereas desk phones with hands-free audio only work with uni-directional microphone pickup. The obvious financial benefit here is the reduction in travel with a good conference phone you can reach the same quality of communication as you can face to face. But there are other ways costs are saved and businesses are improved through conference calling with a dedicated device.

Polycom Audio Conference System Dubai
                Polycom Audio Conference System


• It enables flexible workers to speak to customers, partners and colleagues quickly and easily, and to be as productive wherever they are working from
• It makes meetings quicker and more efficient, resulting in productivity gains
• It improves understanding and the flow of communication, reducing errors and the costs associated with them

Polycom Audio Conferencing Phone Dubai UAE
Polycom Audio Conference Phone Dubai UAE

Most polycom audio conferencing phone today have a speakerphone button but there are in fact a number of reasons why it makes sense to invest in a purpose-built conferencing device. Firstly, like any multi-purpose device, mobile and desktop phones will only perform reasonably well up to a point. Your mobile, laptop, or even your standard telephone isn’t built specifically for conference calling. The phone’s abilities as a conference platform are compromised by its other features. When it comes to conference calling, the lack of clarity, background noise, and volume issues that you experience on a standard phone, are all solved by a dedicated conference phone you can hear the difference. This can have a real impact if you’re teleconferencing on a regular basis and you want to remain alert, attentive and productive.

Acepaq cater polycom audio conferencing system and devices  to  Abu Dhabi –  Muscat – Riyadh – Dammam – Doha – Qatar – Oman - Kuwait – Manama – Bahrain – Saudi Arabia – Baghdad – Sana’a – Cairo – Beirut – Kabul – Khartoum – Nairobi – Kenya – Uganda – Costa Rica – Croatia – Czech Republic – Cuba – Cyprus – Iraq –   Algeria  – Nigeria  – Tunisia – Angola – Ethiopia – Ghana – Zimbabwe.