Revolabs Yamaha Audio

Revolabs FLX Conference Phone

The Revolabs FLX conference phone is the only wireless VoIP phone available in the market. Designed specifically for conference rooms, executive offices, and small environments, the revolabs FLX redefines the traditional design of conference phones. Now users can enjoy more efficient meetings and calls with the latest communication technology.Revolabs audio conferencing system is the powerful system in the market.Yamaha yvc is using for portable communication.Yamaha audio conference is using advanced microphones andand it is working with pc,unified communication and applications.

Revolabs Flx Conference Phone Dubai UAE
   Revolabs Flx Conference Phone UAE

Revolabs Audio Conferencing System

Revolabs Audio Conferencing system:-Revolabs wireless conference phones provide flexibility and mobility without sacrificing audio quality. Cut the cord and keep your collaboration space neat and user friendly. Don’t delay your conference start. Great for uniquely shaped tables or ever-changing table configurations, yamaha wireless conference phones make room set up easy.Revolabs yamaha conference system can integrate with sip or voip based telephone system and call recording system.

Revolabs Audio Conferencing System Dubai UAE
             Revolabs Audio Conferencing System Dubai

Yamaha Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference Phone

Yamaha Revolabs FLX2 Digital Conference Phone

Yamaha Revolabs FLX 2 is a digital VoIP wireless conference phone with a unique modern appeal and offers users freedom of mobility by delivering clear audio in every corner of the room.

Yamaha Revolabs FLX 2 Channel Analog Conference Phone

Revolabs Yamaha FLX 2 lets analog POTS users enjoy more efficient meetings and calls with the latest communication technology. This analog wireless conference phone has a unique modern appeal that is sure to impress and offers users freedom of mobility by delivering clear audio in every corner of the room.


Revolabs FLX UC 1000 Usb Conference Phone

Revolabs Flx UC 1000 model is 10-FLXUC1000 Made to provide collaboration teams the ability to bridge calls between market-leading IP PBX systems and USB applications, FLX UC 1000 is as easy as plug-and-play with PCs, Macs and other devices for practically any environment. The device contains genuine tweeter and mid-woofer elements and four integrated microphones, with a sleek external dial pad.

Revolabs FLX UC 1000 Speakerphone Dubai UAE
Revolabs FLX UC 1000 Speakerphone UAE

REVOLABS FLX UC 1500 VoIP & USB Conference Phone

Acepaq offer new standard in conference phone audio, double as a high-performance IP conference phone system and a USB audio device, Revolabs dubai designs conference phone to enable truly unified communications by supporting both USB audio for PC communication tools and SIP telephony for market leading IP PBXs.Using the same superior audio technology as the earlier Revolabs FLX UC 500 USB conference phone and the yamaha audio conference FLX UC 1000 USB & IP conference phones, the Revolabs FLX UC 1500 supports USB audio for softphone calls and SIP telephony for all market leading IP PBXs and features call bridging between VoIP and USB calls.

Revolabs UC 1500 Voip Usb Conference Speakerphone System Dubai UAE
Revolabs UC 1500 Voip Usb Conference Speakerphone System

Revolabs FLX UC 500 USB Conference Phone

From desktop workspaces to conference rooms, the Revolabs FLX UC 500 sets the audio standard for PC-based unified communications applications.Combining technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your communication needs and gives the Best audio performance changing the price and performance paradigm in this space.

Revolabs FLX UC 500 Usb Conference Phone Dubai UAE
Revolabs FLX UC 500 Usb Conference Phone

YAMAHA YVC 1000 MS Speakerphone

Audio technology and expertise, the Yamaha YVC-1000 MS is a USB speakerphone that enhances the Skype for Business meeting user experience.The Revolabs yamaha audio conference YVC-1000MS is a scalable and flexible solution designed to support the audio requirements of large meeting spaces and rooms with unique table configurations such as classrooms for distance learning and remote training. Users can easily daisy-chain up to five distinct microphones and connect external speakers and microphones to support any variety of meeting environments.

Revolabs Yamaha YVC 1000 MS Speakerphone Dubai UAE
Revolabs Yamaha YVC 1000 MS Speakerphone

Yamaha YVC-300 USB Portable Conference Phone

The Yamaha YVC-300 is a portable conference phone optimized for use by small groups. Unlike many user-carried devices, the phone delivers ample sound to fill huddle rooms and small conference spaces so users won’t find themselves hovering around the phone struggling to hear. The yamaha audio conference YVC-300 usb conference phone is a perfect choice for organizations that want to offer high-quality group communications without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or open collaboration space. Users can borrow a device from an available supply and return it at the end of the meeting.


 Revolabs Yamaha Audio Conference system models

  • Revolabs 10 FLX2 200 Pots Dual EU
  • Revolabs 10 FLX2 Dual Pots EU
  • Revolabs 10 FLX2 101 Pots EU
  • Revolabs 10 FLX2 020 Pots EU
  • Revolabs 10 FLX2 002 Pots EU
  • Revolabs 10 FLXSNDSPK KIT
  • Revolabs FLX Wireless Speaker
  • Revolabs Microphone
Yamaha Revolabs 10 FLX2 200 Dual Pots Dubai UAE
Yamaha Revolabs 10 FLX2 200 Dual Pots Dubai

        Features And Advantages Of Revolabs FLX Conference Phone

  •  Available with two microphones in analog phone interfaces.
  • Provides support for mobile devices with bluetooth.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio: Feel like you are all in the same room.
  • It has No GSM Interference: Revolabs wireless microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless electronic devices.
  • 128-bit encryption means no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphone and base station.
  • The Freedom of Wireless: Microphones and the speaker can placed throughout the room to optimize sound quality.
  • Make private calls using the handset.

Yamaha Audio Conference System Dubai UAE

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