Nurse call system


Acepaq offers the nurse call system, hospital pager is a set of push buttons, wireless sensors and wireless bell. It will make  possible for nursing staff to keep track of the state of each patient or resident, thereby increasing their safety and comfort. Information will send to fixed control posts, computers and wireless terminals. Nurse call system enables communication between patients and nurses regardless of location, thus optimising the work of the nursing staff. Nurse Call paging System is a nursing communication and management system using IP technology that can used for both wired and wireless connections. Nurse call system in Dubai to serve as a unified backbone for all hospital communications.

Nurse Call System Dubai UAE
Nurse Call System Dubai UAE




The nurse call system dubai that important point is and has been the safety of the patients and personnel, even if higher costs are finally entailed. It is a technical and company challenge to meet the safety  of wireless bell.

Nurse Call Paging System Dubai UAE
Nurse Call Paging System Dubai UAE

WIRELESS BELL paging system uae

The wireless bell paging system feature enables the system to used in places where wired setup are possible. The system is fully modular and highly versatile, adapts to the feature of each centre and is very easy to extend. When needed, customised paging zones can used to handpick where the bells or alerts are play. This system is a great tool to help avoid interruptions during standardised testing nurse call system hospital pager.

Wireless Bell Paging System UAE


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                       Beach Paging System

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