Restaurant paging

Restaurant Paging System

Acepaq Restaurant paging system Dubai is a perfect solution for busy or HIFI restaurants, hotel, food courts, and coffee shops. Guest can move freely and wait comfortably with our Pagers while their order or table is being prepared. The staff can call the guest whenever the food or table is ready. Our restaurant pager system  help your business to increase productivity, speed of service and customer satisfaction.It is consists of one host and several paging buttons. The waiter can receive the paging signals while serving with wearing the restaurant pager. Restaurant pager system the button can placed on the table. You can show the menu or advertisement in the menu stand. When customer press the button, the restaurant pager system will display the table number or name on the pager screen, so the customer will get waiter’s assistance on time. The whole this system is powered by wireless technology for easy installation. Customers can call a waiter when they are ready to get order.

Restaurant Paging System Dubai UAE
      Restaurant Paging System Dubai UAE

Restaurant Paging System Dubai

Restaurant paging system will avoid waiter interruption during private moments and time. The customer will not require have to look around, wave his hands or shout to get the waiter’s attention. The customers can easily page the waiter to place initial order, during the meal for more food, drinks and bill. The novelty will surely attract new customers and will delight your existing clients. Avoid disturbing other customer when calling waiter and build a quiet, comfortable environment for customers.

Restaurant Pager System Device Dubai
             Restaurant Pager System Device Dubai

Advantages of restaurant pager system:-

  • Waiters can have more time to do other things.
  • Waiters can be more efficient.
  • Waiters will be less stressed.
  • Tables will be available faster.
  •  Customers will like it so much and will come back.
  •  Restaurant will sale more food.
  •  Wireless technology for easy installation
  •  Multiple servers work without affect each other

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