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Table Call Paging System Dubai | Table Paging System UAE | Table Pager

Table call paging


This table call paging system is designed to help guests to contact their servers direct from their table. No more hand wavering. It has  extend your reach is the utilisation of wireless technology to extend your reach. This serving our guests more evidently. Guests can now push a button on the table unit to contact the server. A message will be transmitted to the server’s pager.Pager will  informing them the specific table and type of service requested. You could complement your operations further with table paging system Integrated System. Marketing Communication to support your service staff and increase repeat visits respectively with table call pager system.

       Table Call Paging System Dubai UAE

Features of table paging system dubai:

  • Up to 500m coverage, perfect for large restaurant and multiple levels
  • Alerts using ashing lights, vibration or beeps to your guests
  • Simple for guest and staff to use, rechargeable coaster pagers and compact in size
  • Out of range melody to reduce pager loss
  • Pager Charging System – charging stops when coaster pager reaches full charge
  • Advertisement on coaster pager
  • Integration with POS system / Computer system
  •  Round charging base for coaster pagers maximum capacity of 15 coaster pagers
Table Paging System Dubai UAE
Table Paging System

Advantages of table call paging system uae :

  • Co-opt guest into your service delivery process
  • Round Charging Base Transmitter
  • Divert your manpower to other important areas of operations
  • Organised guest management queuing system
  • Optimize your overall operation

Usage of Table call pager system

It is using for Food Court, Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee House and Self Service Counter.Allowing servers to better utilise their time, waiter table paging system.It eliminate the continuous need for servers to visit the kitchen frequently to check on their orders. Servers can then turn their attention to tending to new customers, giving recommendations, and assisting those who require assistance wirelessly without internet connection, the fear of unpredictable circumstances and connection problems is eliminated. The long range capabilities allow for guests. It wander about, giving them the freedom to stray from the host stand.

For demo contact Acepaq table call paging system in UAE,Dubai,sharjah,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Bahrain.Oman,Abu Dhabi.