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A VoIP gateway or PSTN Gateway is a device which converts telephony traffic into IP for transmission over a data network. A network device that converts voice and fax calls, in real time, between the public switched telephone network and an IP network. The primary functions of a VoIP gateway include voice and fax compression and decompression, packetization, call routing, and control signalling. Public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways are third-party hardware components that translate signalling and media between the Enterprise Voice infrastructure and the PSTN, either directly or through connection to SIP trunks. In either topology, the gateway terminates the PSTN. We deal VoIP Gateway Dubai Brands from Digium, Grandstream, Yeastar Neogate, Sangoma, D’Link, and OpenVox.

Voip Gateway Dubai UAE
Voip Gateway Dubai UAE

What is Voip gateway?

The VOIP Gateway Dubai is a reliable and secure Media Gateway with VoIP Analog Adaptor capabilities for SMBs. Featuring PRI, FXS, and FXO interfaces. The Gateway Acepaq Series provides the best solution to connect legacy equipment to cloud telephony services and IP PBX systems to PSTN landlines. Widely interoperable with SIP IMS vendors, the VoIP Gateway provides transparent integration of legacy PBX systems for SIP Trunking and PSTN replacement applications. The G7 Series links any analog or digital connection to an IP network and delivers a rich feature set for a comprehensive VoIP solution. With FXS, FXO, configurable NT/TE PRI ports, local call switching, and user-defined call properties (including caller/calling ID), gateways smoothly integrate into legacy PBXs and incumbent PSTN networks.

Advantages of VoIP Gateway

  • Connect legacy equipment in PSTN replacement/TDM replacement projects
  • Provide SIP termination for cloud telephony services
  • Convert ISDN signalling to SIP for SIP Trunking
  • Convert analog signalling to SIP for Hosted Unified Communications and IP-Centrex
  • Integrate Unified Communications with legacy systems
  • Connect Skype for Business with IP/TDM trunks and legacy telephony equipment
  • Keep existing telephony equipment in SIP migrations
  • call recording monitoring and telephone headsets
  • Survivability for branch offices in case of WAN failure

VoIP gateway Dubai

The VoIP has proved themselves to be reliable for small to medium business. These gateways can operate from 2 lines standalone to multiple channels and connect with your ISDN office circuit. A properly managed system provides you with fantastic communication features. The VoIP device that converts the telephonic signal into VoIP packets, so the user can make call from the traditional telephone system. This system uses a GSM gateway that mainly depends on the phone structure you are using. These gateways are compatible with ISDN connection, analog gateway and allow to use with smaller office systems with standalone mode.

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