Genesys PureEngage

Genesys PureEngage

For cloud and hybrid deployments, Genesys PureEngage leverages Web Services, ensuring global high availability and unlimited scalability. PureEngage lets you monitor the pulse of the channels your customers use to interact with your brand, and how they feel about those interactions. This visibility into all previous customer interactions enables you to manage customer engagement across all channels, including digital and voice, and even transitions from self- to assisted service. Integrated analytics report on those full customer journeys, so you can manage and capitalize on them.

Genesys Pureengage Abu Dhabi

What is Genesys PureEngage system dubai

Genesys PureEngage is enabled by true omnichannel routing. It bridges siloed systems and puts all interactions that span multiple channels into one queue. This lets you gather contextual data on the customer journey in real time and use it to consistently deliver highly personalized service. The result is a differentiating experience that takes customers to the best resource on each step of their journey. Real-time, proactive customer engagement is smart business. With Genesys PureEngage in Dubai, UAE, you can proactively deliver timely, relevant, and individualized communications over your customers’ preferred channels, creating a low effort and streamlined experience. For example, a power company can automatically notify its customers of an outage before it happens. More proactive engagement opens opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Genesys PureEngage integration with CRM and ERP

Genesys PureEngage workload planning and management lets you balance workloads and maximize use of the unique skills of individual employees. Not only can you measure and manage their performance globally and across all channels, you can empower them. A single, omnichannel desktop gives employees real-time insights into each customer’s interactions and journey, improving their ability to address the needs of customers. PureEngage can integrate with almost any business system, including multiple CRMs, ERPs and other vendor and partner systems. It also offers a high level of customization for your customer experience and types of engagement, and for back-end systems that you’re integrating with.

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