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Purelink Dubai | purelink av system solution and accessories | Acepaq uae

PureLink System

Purelink products and solutions

PureLink has pioneered a powerful line of matrix-switching, format conversion, signal distribution, and long-distance extension systems that are optimised to support any consumer or commercial application. All these advancements have resulted from PureLink’s unparalleled R&D and quality assurance, providing customised solutions and setting sights on creating a better user experience. Focused on innovation and quality, PureLink in Dubai, UAE is the leading provider of digital connectivity solutions to commercial audio/video and IT markets worldwide. Since its inception in 2001, PureLink has been committed to developing cutting-edge audio, video, and computer signal processing solutions, constantly driven by the changing needs of the professional customer.

PureLink solution dealer Dubai UAE

Purelink Matrix Switchers in Dubai

The PureLink’s comprehensive line of media and data distribution systems – from its flagship PureMedia signal management solutions to first-in-class HDMI 2.0a matrix switchers – integrate a variety of powerful features to reliably distribute Ultra HD video, audio, and control signals from multiple sources to multiple displays/destinations. PureLink matrix switching systems are engineered to provide flexible, customised solutions to meet any design requirement, driving mission-critical A/V from corporate boardrooms to command centres across the globe.

Purelink Presentation Systems uae

Ideal for small conference rooms, classrooms, and collaboration spaces, PureLink’s HDTools presentation systems provide all-in-one operation including Ultra HD video and audio switching, scaling, extension and control in a single box. With built-in Don’t Blink Seamless Switching Technology and advanced EDID management, PureLink presentation switchers combines powerful features with off the shelf simplicity for easy installation and maintenance.

Purelink Extenders

From wall plate and rack mountable extension packages to HDBaseT and fiber optic modular extender pairs, PureLink’s signal extension systems deliver superior connectivity for long distance transmission of audio, video, and control signals – whether across the room or to another building.

Purelink Switchers & Distribution Amplifiers

HDMI and DVI switchers and distribution amplifiers can reliably manage multiple source and display devices and provide uninterrupted A/V signal transmission over long distances. With advanced functionalities such as Ultra HD/4K support, built-in equalization and re-clocking technology, and Auto-EDID management, PureLink switchers and DAs offer simplified connectivity and operation without programming or a control system.

Purelink Format Converters

Format conversion systems can change various analog/VGA and digital signal types into another and minimize routing and distribution complexity. Emulation devices enhance and maintain optimal signal quality, providing a seamless source to display connection.

Purelink Cables & Accessories

PureLink cables and accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of complex A/V systems and provide optimal performance when combined with a wide range of PureLink products. Premium, securelocking HDMI cables, network and fiber optic cable assemblies, along with convenient installer tools and connectors, all featuring proprietary TOTALWIRE Technology, provide the perfect fit to ensure reliable, end-to-end connectivity.

Purelink Digital Signage Solutions

The Purelink PureStream content playback and management solutions offer a fully-integrated network media solution for a variety of digital signage applications including retail, hospitality, and public transportation. Purelink PureStream provides a total signage solution with high-performance media playback devices and intuitive software to help manage, create, and deliver dynamic content with maximum efficiency.

Purelink Video over IP Solutions

PureStream VIP Series IP Video Distribution Solutions enable the easy setup and configuration of traditional A/V over TCP/IP local and wide area networks. The VIP Series combines proven hardware components with a server-based control software application to provide a simple and intuitive user experience.

Purelink AV SIGNALS Fiberx series

The FiberX series is designed for transmission of digital AV signals over long distances and does not require optical fiber. The DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI signal is also adapted to the input side of the transmitter (Tx) in an optical light wave signal, by means of fiber optic cable the receiver (Rx) signal type back. So, there are so-called integrated solutions in the range of FiberX. These make a hybrid technology of fiberglass and copper to benefit and can transmit up to 21.6Gbps, enough for 4K / UltraHD signal at 60Hz refresh rate.The models include HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI different versions for multi-mode LC or SC fiber optic link, for example with a practical pigtail as “integrated”


PureLink’s advanced 4K / UltraHD Cross-Platform Technology of Pure Media series allows the individual exchange between any input signal to the desired output signal format. Pure Media matrix crossbar support HDMI, DVI, 3G / HD-SDI, VGA, component, glass fiber and HDBaseT signal formats to a resolution of 4K / UltraHD and a comprehensive selection of plug-in cards for different input and output formats – designed, among other things for a 19 “rack mounting or as a stand-alone version.

Purelink PI100 HDMI wall socket 1 port

The transmission of HDMI signals through the wall made by a sizable socket! The HDMI terminal box PI100 our Pure Install series provides a signal transmission from room to room by simply connecting an HDMI source to the socket of the wall socket. This forwards the HDMI signal by means of a permanently installed HDMI cable to another wall socket. Acepaq dubai dealer of system.This allows, for example in fixed installations in conference rooms or in the home cinema area a simple, space-saving and especially aesthetic transmission. In this 3D signals and HDTV resolutions up to 4K (2160p) are supported.

Purelink CSW310 – Wireless HDMI Set 100m

The CSW310 is the successor of CSW300. It is the ideal product for wireless HD applications and includes a simple “IR pass-through” feature that can be extended using the remote control. So connected source devices such as set-top boxes, BluRay player, or other streaming devices can be controlled without direct line of sight from the receiver side. To the transmitter up to 4 pieces wireless receiver can be connected and be used simultaneously the loop-through output. The total system size is limited to a maximum of four displays at the same time.

Purelink products

  • Purelink HDMI adapter
  • HDMI Daisy Chain
  • purelink HDMI Extender
  • HDMI Fiber
  • HDMI Installation Accessories
  •  HDMI cable
  • HDMI cable attachable
  • HDMI converter
  • purelink HDMI switchers
  • HDMI meter
  • HDMI scaler
  • HDMI signal amplifier
  • HDMI Test Equipment
  • HDMI switch
  • HDMI splitter
  • HDMI wall boxes
  • HDMI Wireless
  • Display Port Adapter
  • Display Port Extender
  • Display Port Distribution
  • Display Port cable
  • DVI adapter
  • DVI Extender
  • DVI converter
  • DVI Matrix Switchers
  • DVI signal amplifier
  • DVI switcher
  • DVI Splitter
  • SDI converter
  • VGA Extender
  • VGA converter
  • VGA switcher
  • Active HDMI Cable
  • Dasy Chain Extender
  • EDID Manager
  • fiber optic extender
  • Fiber Optic cable
  • HDBaseT Extender
  • HDMI Audio Extractor
  • HDMI IP Extender
  • Field attachable connector HDMI
  • Modular matrix switchers
  • Multiformat Extender
  • presentation Switcher
  • Connection Panels (modular)
  • Locking HDMI Cable
  • VGA converter
  • Video Wall Controller
  • Room Connectivity
  • Brands

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