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Queue management system Dubai, queue solution, queue software | UAE

Queue System

Queue management system

In the business sector companies with organized, transparent and civilized client management have the competitive advantage. Banks, insurance companies, utilities, health care institutions and public agencies, Government companies, hospitals and offices authorities operating client service or any other company or institution are seeking more efficient and faster way to serve their customers. Recognizing this need, we started more than twenty years of development and production of automated client Queue management systems and solutions. Queue management solution in Dubai, UAE.

token queue management system Dubai UAE

How does the queue management system work?

Our system enables optimum management of single line queues to a maximum service position. The system provides both visual and audible direction to the customer, featuring a main display and a position indicator module. The positions are managed by staff with a mouse control unit that is situated at each till. Our system is flexible, providing you with multiple options for display and announcements.

Benefits of our queue management system in Dubai

  • Customers are served quickly for improved efficiency and satisfaction
  • Increases throughput and reduces confusion
  • Your staff are confident and in control
  • Simple click operation
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple options for display and announcements
  • Audio-visual system for efficient queue management
  • Ticket dispenser with card reader can identify client. Entering phone number, client can receive message about waiting time, so can be alerted when his turn comes up.

Queue management system and solution modules

  • Statistics module

Statistics about the customer distribution, performance of the administrators –

The statistics for system effectiveness can be optimized.

  • Monitoring module

The collected data followed online and system parameters change during operation. A journal for daily events, measuring daily efficiency.

  • Ticket design module

The ticket image can be edited, and the information altered according to individual needs

  • Totem surface design module

The teller interface can be completely customized by the system, making it fully adaptable to the client’s image surface. The designer platform can contain images, text, flash animations, different fonts and colours. In addition, the resolution is set, depending on the totems placed monitors, in portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Appointment booking module

The customer chooses through a call centre or website the most appropriate customer service office, receives a phone number (via SMS to the given phone number). In this way arriving on time at the customer service, you can arrange your affairs without delay.

  • Web clients

In the system, applications and clients are based in the fully web-based technology, so for their use no software components are necessary

  • Customer Identification (VIP)

The system also identifies possible VIP customers, so when called these clients have advantage over other clients. Identification with magnetic stripe, chip, contactless card or a virtual keyboard.

  • Customer satisfaction module

The client can rate the quality of the service with one touch, which provides valuable feedback for the HR management, making the customer service operation even more efficient.

  • Mobile phone use

Mobile application allows reserving time in the system options or requesting tickets directly to the designated account. In case of direct ticket request, the system can ensure that the client will not show up before the calculated waiting time.

  • SMS sending module

Sending messages directly to the client system. When client makes an appointment and provides his/her phone number within the booking data the system

Please contact Acepaq Dubai for Price, Demo and Quote. Buy Queue Management System and solutions in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Our other solutions are Audio visual solution.