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Roomie Triyang Conference Phone,Triyang Audio Conference Dubai,UAE

Roomie Triyang

ROOMIE Triyang Conference Phone

ROOMIE Triyang conference phone comes in three variations to meet the needs of all customers. For people mainly making voice calls or joining audio, we recommend ROOMIE Triyang 200 (TYG-200). For video conference users, we suggest ROOMIE Triyang 300 for huddle rooms because of its ultra-wide field of view and ROOMIE Triyang 400 for mid-sized rooms given its pan-tilt-zoom.Roomie Triyang Audio Conference system can integrate with multiple unified communication applications.

Roomie Triyang Conference Phone Dubai UAE
                Roomie Triyang Conference Phone

Roomie Triyang Audio Conference System

ROOMIE Triyang Series conferencing phone is the world’s first range of Smart Conference Phones. Model encompasses both tradition and innovation. The triangular design makes it a stunning piece of technology which blends into the workplace.ROOMIE Triyang conference phone models are open and multipurpose. Imagine being able to project your screen wirelessly in the room, join video meetings using Skype For Business, attend conferences using WebEx, make a WhatsApp calls, watch YouTube videos or control television and other smart devices.

Roomie Triyang Audio Conference System Dubai UAE
          Roomie Triyang Audio Conference System 

ROOMIE Triyang Series conference phones advantages  are:

  • Wirelessly project and share data from any devices.
  • Join enterprise-grade audio, web and video conferences.
  • Communicate using Unified Communications Platforms and UC-as-a-Service.
  • Chat and make voice or video calls using social and mobile applications.
  • Stream media in the conference room as well as record and broadcast videos.
  • Access enterprise applications, security cameras and room-control systems.

Roomie Triyang 200 conferencing phone

High Quality Experience of Roomie Triyang 200 Conference Phone is during conference calls, everybody can clearly seen and heard thanks to our quality microphones, speakers and cameras supporting super wide field of view or powerful zoom capabilities. Professional audio features include acoustic echo cancellation, background noise reduction and a voice pick range of 5 meters.Everything is possible with Roomie Triyang 200 series conferencing phone.In addition to the iconic triangular form factor, popular among users for audio conferences, ROOMIE Triyang Series offer connectivity to an external screen for phone calls, web conferences, video chat, live streaming and data sharing sessions.

Roomie Triyang 200 Conference Phone Dubai UAE
          Roomie Triyang 200 Conference Phone Dubai


Roomie Triyang 300 series conference phone

ROOMIE Triyang 300 smart conference phone is designed for small and medium-sized meeting, training and learning spaces. Equipped with multi-touch and Full HD screen, the Roomie smart conference phone supports Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connections as well as an HDMI Out interface and a USB 2.0 interface for connecting an external camera, mouse, keyboard or storage device.During audio and web conferences joined from a laptop, simply connect your laptop using the USB cable provide to leverage the smart conference phone’s professional full-duplex speaker and omnidirectional microphones.

Roomie Triyang 300 Series Conferencing Phone Dubai UAE
 Roomie Triyang 300 Series Conferencing Phone UAE

Roomie Triyang 400 smart conference phone

ROOMIE Triyang 400 conference phone system series run on Android 5.1 Operating System providing IT teams the level of openness and flexibility they require to connect to any platforms whether on-premise or cloud-based. Download your favorite Android App onto ROOMIE Triyang conferencing system, enter your credentials and enjoy calling, conferencing, streaming, browsing.Some of the consumer. you can connect to include Cisco Call Manager, IBM SameTime, Lifesize Cloud, Avaya Aura, ShoreTel, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow, Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX, Zoom, Deltapath, Vidyo, Bluejeans, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, KakaoTALK, ooVoo, Google Duo, Google Hangout.Cisco Spark, Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, Citrix Go-To-Meeting, Abode Connect, Polycom RealPresence, Microsoft Skype For Business.Roomie can attach telephone headsets and record conference calls.

Roomie Triyang 400 Smart Conference Phone Dubai UAE
    Roomie Triyang 400 Smart Conference Phone Dubai UAE

Please contact  Acepaq for buying Roomie Triyang and installation in Dubai,Abu Dhabi,UAE,Qatar,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Bahrain,Middle East and Africa