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Screenline projection screens dubai | projector screen, frames, display uae

Screenline projection screen

Screenline projection screens and professional frames Dubai

The Sreenline is solution provider for projection screens in Dubai, projector screen and frames in Audio visual industries. Screenline projection screens and frames for schools, collages, education institutions, board rooms, meeting rooms, hotels, theatre and video wall solution and system. This AV system available models are wave family, fashion classic frame screen, rewritable screen, big white projection screen and big project and large venue screens. Screenline projection screen available in Dubai,UAE. There are a few differences between front and rear projection screens, concerning both the use and the resulting image that is visible on the screen.

Screenline projection screens Dubai UAE

Screenline MOTORIZED Small and medium sized professional screens SLIM & MOT FAMILY

It reaches 250 cm base inside a small box with rounded corners. Its matt white finish and neutral look make it ideal for living-rooms, halls, and small and medium-sized offices. The side covering end plates in the same colour as the box complete the screen con-cealing the screws. The PVC front and retro-projection fabrics are available in all sizes and formats, with or without black borders. It is the quietest screen in its category. The special geometry of the brackets makes it possible to hang it on a rear wall, from the ceiling or even from a front beam.

WAVE FAMILY FROM 170 TO 450 CM screenline projection screens

Screenline Motorized screen with an elegant, harmonious design, Wave becomes part of the furniture. The shape of the box makes it easy to install it perfectly aligned to walls and corners. The top becomes a shelf for the audio equipment and the back features a groove to conceal the cables.The fabric rolls down smoothly and perfectly flat, allowing the installation of a tv set or of pictures behind it since it is 11 cm away from the wall.

Projector screen frame display

Fashion Classic Frame Screen by screenline in dubai

The inward rounded borders can be painted matt black or even come with black velvet finish to absorb any possible overlapping of the projected image. The nylon corners are finished in the same way as the rest of the frame giving it a sense of continuity. The perimeter groove and the accessories provided make it possible to fix the screen to the wall or to let it hang from the ceiling. The fabrics are trimmed with a PVC border which disappears behind the frame giving the surface a remarkable flatness. The radius and depth of the curve create a wide visual field which results in a more comfortable and captivating screenline screen. The borders, physically closer and like the natural eye radius, give a homogeneous and balanced visual experience.

  • An extraordinary curved screen for a captivating visual experience.
  • Smart minimal design created by an ergonomic curve and an elegant profile.
  • A proportioned radius for brilliant vision from any angle.

Screenline screenapp rewritable screen for education

The front side is made with a special OPP layer finely matted and scratch-proof – easy to clean without negative consequences for the projected image. No stains appear even after months of intensive use. The matt surface grants very high resolution when projecting – over 4K – but especially it reduces eye-strain by eliminating any unwanted reflections from the screenline screen, such as lamps, windows and shadows. The screen has the same brightness values all over the entire surface from any viewing position. As a result, the only reflected thing is the projected image, leaving the viewer's mind free from filtering secondary images, such as reflections and shadows. Long life screen usable with both dry and permanent markers. Smooth and comfortable writing with finger or pen.

Big white projection frame from screenline

Screenline has designed and built a new big sized screen with modular system, suitable for fast and practical applications in museum installations, theatres and exhibitions. Using the same structure, the different possibilities of installation are numberless. Our product gives news opportunities to museum, entertainment and show environments. New Big screenline Frame and New Only White allow practical and fast installations which do not require building work or specialized working teams. The screens are modular hence the combinations are changeable, can be disassembled and re-designed.

Advantages of screenline projection frame

  • economical saving
  • versatility
  • practicality
  • high quality results

Screenline big project and large venue screens

Screenline ARENA is the cylindrical screen for total immersion projections. The cylindrical shape makes it possible to obtain a visual surface which surrounds the onlooker, transmitting the feeling of being totally immersed in the virtual environment projected. It requires a projection system made of more than one projector and an electronic control unit able to create only one image. A custom-made solution that ScreenLine realizes depending on the customer’s requirements. Its dimensions range from 4.50 m to 12 m diameter and a curvature variable from 30° and 360°, according to the need. Thanks to these characteristics, ARENA is suitable for special applications such as flight or driving simulations, control halls, virtual trips in museum paths, video gaming, training courses in simulated environments and many others. Easy and quick mounting: the modular structure takes very little time to be completely assembled. The inner projection surface may be matched with an additional external one as a blinding surface, but also white o digitally printed with images or writings.

Screenline Pro Frame Professional Frame Screen

The screenline Professional Frame Screen. It stands out for its easy and quick installation. Designed and built using 4Rent's aluminium profile, it features a smarter shape/silhouette thanks to the the 45° corner. It ensures Made in Italy products' high quality and finds its place in the rental market as well as the installers and professionals’ markets. It is the new tongue and groove system which makes the screen installation quick and easy. Acepaq dubai is dealer of Screenline projection screen.Thanks to its new border, the fabric is pressed into the groove and matches the whole perimeter of the frame stretching homogeneously. Grooves: back view of the screen and fabric installation back view of the screen when fabric is installed on the back of the screen, the installer can choose between 2 grooves in which to fix the fabric. This choice allows to obtain the best result as to tensioning and flatness, so correcting any possible over-stretching of the PVC.

screenline Custom Projection Screen Sizes

The screenline projection screens are custom manufactured to the customer‘s specification. Our high-frequency welding process allows the production of custom projection screens in almost any shape and size. There is no limit to the width of a screen, but there are practical and physical limitations to height. For screens that are higher than they are wide, we generally recommend reinforced screen materials to prevent "hour-glassing" on the sides and sagging in the middle. Unfortunately, reinforced screen material is only available for front projection screens. The overall weight of the screen should be considered when planning or purchasing a custom size projection screen

Screenline Front projection screen

Screenline Front projection screen is a method of bouncing or reflecting light off the front surface of the projection screen. Light sources can be a projector, traditional lighting fixture or intelligent moving lights. The light source and viewer are on the same side of the screen, thus the viewer is looking at reflected light. Matte-white front projection screens are typically designed to evenly maintain image brightness, clarity and contrast across its surface. High-gain front projection screens (gain value of over 1.0) typically are brighter on center axis than matte white screens and fall off (lose brightness and clarity) at the sides. As with both front and rear projection, controlling ambient light (all light in the space produced by sources other than the screen) will be crucial when trying to maintain image brightness. Cinema screens are usually front projection screens.

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