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Training management system Dubai | learning software solution | UAE

Training Management

Training management system software

A training management system, training management software, or training resource management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting. Training Management Solutions is for managing the training of the staffs of the organisation or multiple organisations for better compliance and quality performance. Acepaq Dubai will develop learning management software as per customer requirement.

Training management system dubai uae

  • Create Training Materials
  • configure Training Requirements
  • schedule training batches and tracking its progress
  • configure and control the training activities
  • control attendance using bio metric devices (optional)
  • include assessments and tests.
  • view training materials
  • Tracking functionality to see who has completed segments of training.
  • Reporting option for attendance, test results, and any other training related reporting needs.

With our best online training management software, now you can plan, implement, assign and track your training initiatives right from your web browser. This learning management software available in Dubai, UAE. The best part? Your employees as well as your external audiences get the option of logging-in from anywhere and from any device to complete their assigned training. Our main motto behind providing a web-based solution is to simply simplify training management.

Reduce Training Costs with training management software

The web-based training software helps eliminate the wastage of time, resources and money that can be lost through the inefficiencies or loopholes in managing your organisation’s training initiatives. This basically happens because of the operation of different departments done in silos. So to say, with the entry of your training management system, training of different departments becomes easy because it is done from a single place through single sign on (SSO).

Learning Management Software Solution

training management system a White Label Solution

We’ve put out a white label e training software which helps the clients add in their name to the product without having to put the resources into developing a new product from scratch. The product appears as though it is being made just for you. It’ll also help speed up the time taken to reach the learner, as there is no wastage of time in learning things outside the core competency.

What Is An learning management system (LMS)?

An LMS is a Learning Management System and is basically a way for you to offer online training to your students. Not only does it allow you to offer eLearning content, but it should also allow you to track and report on the learning you are administering, as well as the students who are using your software. You will be able to either purchase content which you can make available to your students through your LMS, or you can create your own personalised content for your business, and upload this into your LMS for your students to access.

What Is A Training management system (TMS)?

A TMS is a Training Management System and is a piece of software used by training providers to help manage their training. They are mostly designed to handle all the back-office tasks associated with running training sessions, such as administration tasks, processing online course bookings, reporting on vital business data, and things like sending surveys out to students.The exact features each training management system offers will probably differ from product to product, but the main point is to help you make sure that all the work leading up to your courses, during your courses, and after your courses, runs as smoothly as possible.

What is Course Management Software?

A Course Management Software System, also called Training Management System, is an enterprise software system dedicated to training organisations, whose core purpose is to help administrators optimise Instructor-Led Training management. To break it down:

  • Course: The system focuses on the needs and processes to Instructor-Led Training. It is specifically designed for training organisations, whether corporate training departments or for-profit training companies
  • Management: It helps you organise, streamline and monitor all your back-office training processes, such as logistics and resource management, scheduling, administration, financials, and reporting – as well as sales for commercial training companies
  • System: It is an all-in-one software which unifies into a single system all sorts of processes which would otherwise be handled through multiple tools, such as a mix of spreadsheets, course booking systems.

What can I use it for?

A Course Management Software System (Training Management software system) is made to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your instructor-led training. Some of the common features that can help you do this are:

  • Logistics and resource management – How do I organise sessions and assign resources in the most cost-effective way?
  • Course scheduling – How do I create and quickly modify the optimal training schedule to fit everyone’s agenda?
  • Registration administration – How do I keep track of registration confirmations, reminder emails, and important data for thousands of trainees, avoiding mistakes or delays?
  • Instructor-Led Training Financials – How do I track costs, forecast budgets and monitor profitability details for each session?
  • Reporting and business intelligence – How do I extract meaningful information to assess the success of my training activity and make the right decisions in real time?
  • Sales (for commercial training companies and extended enterprise) – How do I streamline the whole order to invoice process to serve my clients in a timely and reliable manner?

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