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Wolfvision Cynap System Dubai | Content collaboration solution from Acepaq UAE

Wolfvision Cynap Presentation System


Wolfvision Cynap system is a powerful all-in-one wireless collaboration and presentation system, offering media player, web conferencing, recording, streaming, BYOD screen sharing, and annotation functionality. It is an ideal centrepiece for new and adapted classrooms and meeting spaces. Cynap Core Dubai is a compact, easy to use wireless presentation and collaboration system, providing ‘core essential’ collaboration features. Its wireless BYOD screen sharing, media player, plus annotation and whiteboard features make it an ideal add-on to existing room infrastructure.Just like in the human brain where synapses are essential for quick processing and transmission of information, Cynap system is a unique, powerful, and flexible system, that gives you instant access to information of all types from any source.

Wolfvision Cynap system content collaboration Dubai UAE

vSolution Cynap: Inspiring engagement, interaction, & collaboration

Media player:Instant access to all your data Cynap plays, displays, records, and streams any media.Access your data easily via cloud, network drive, mobile device or HDMI in – even your laptop is no longer essential – you can simply bring your content on a USB stick, or download it directly from the cloud.

Advantages of Cynap system

Cynap system Web conferencing

Everybody. Anywhere. Anytime! A client can integrated into Cynap as part of our optional Office 365 Feature Pack. This enables point to point connection with any user with a Skype for Business enabled Office 365 account. A WebRTC web conferencing solution is also provided.

Cynap- Bring your own device (BYOD)

App-free, dongle-free mirroring! Simply connect and share your screenusing the wireless technology that’s built into your own mobile device. Our wireless BYOD solution suits all iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices – because in contrast to some solutions, we provide full support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast screen mirroring.

Cynap support Webcasting

Live and on-demand video! Our optional Webcasting Feature Pack makes it simple to stream your lecture or meeting content for live or on-demand viewing via a Wowza or IBM cloud Video (Ustream) streaming server or to YouTube or Facebook for live streaming. Audiences can watch your videos anytime – from anywhere they choose.

Powerful video capture with Cynap

record, manage, stream, share Cynap lets you record all your multi-window, multimedia presentation, training and lecture content. Everything is captured in high definition and saved internally – perfect for use as part of your online educational program.

Annotation & Whiteboard integration with cynap

Capture your big ideas! It’s easy to create extra content material using our built-in digital whiteboard and annotation features. Multiple users can annotate on-screen at the same time – and you can even save your notes – together with the other recorded materials.

Office 365 Feature Pack working with cynap

Collaboration made easy. The Office 365 Feature Pack incorporates a Skype for Business client into Cynap, together with access via Cynap to other popular Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote (active Office 365 account required). All your files are easy to open, work on collaboratively, and share with teammates.

Capture your content & record to mobile devices.

Cynap system is perfect for Full HD recording of presentation content material for use in online learning environments. For business applications, Cynap offers a quick and easy way to record, archive, and share meeting and training content.

Panopto & Opencast compatible for cynap

The optional Capture Pack can used for automated/manual recording and distribution of your content materials. The capture agent is compatible with either Panopto or Opencast services for secure, reliable, scheduling, processing, management, and intelligent distribution of academic and corporate video recordings with cynap solution.

vSolution Capture app Your own personalized recordings

In addition to Cynap’s powerful internal recording capability, our unique vSolution Capture app for iOS, Android,and Windows lets students or work colleagues receive and record a live stream of presentation or lecture content from Cynap system onto their own mobile smartphones and tablets.

Better collaborative working and learning

For effective communication between remote participants, a client can integrated into Cynap as part of the optional Office 365 Feature Pack. This enables point to point connection with any user with a Skype for Business enabled Office 365 account. wolfvision Cynap distributor in Dubai,UAE All multi-window content displayed on Cynap can transmitted at the same time. In addition, a WebRTCweb conferencing solution is also provided.

cynap for wireless connectivity

Our Cynap System provides the most comprehensive BYOD solution currently available. We offer compatibility with all iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, and our built-in support for AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast mirroring means that it’s simple to connect,using the technology that’s already built in to your own mobile device – no apps or dongles required.

Control Cynap system using your mobile device

We’ve also made it super easy to control Cynap using any mobile device – HTML technology enables you to connect and control Cynap from your laptop, smartphone or tablet using any current web browser. For more information please visit

Buy Cynap in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Acepaq is dealing other solutions are Prijector pro, Airtame device, Barco clickshare and Barco wepresent.