Xtend Voice Logger Dubai UAE

Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels. The Xtend logger supports analog, digital and VoIP telephone lines. Xtend Logger helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management. Management can review the actual telephone conversation with the customer. The Xtend voice logger continuous evaluation ensures customer satisfaction and quality management in an organisation. Applicable areas include call centers, share traders, security undertakings, banks, hospitals, enquiry departments etc. A multi-channel voice recording product to monitor and analyse real-time customer interactions over phone through a browser-based interface from any desktop.

Xtend Voice Logger Solution software needs to be loaded to generate the reports and details of logging. For the same, we require an ordinary PC with 2+ GHz processor capability and atleast 80GB hard disk storage space to store the voice logs.Xtend will support windows 7, 8, 10 and windows servers. A CD/DVD writer avails to store backups whereas a Network Interface Card serves to access remotely the browser-based interface.Our provided Standalone Xtend has hassle free implementation and it is easy-to-use. Obtainable in multiples of 4 port options, this system is scalable across technology and product environment. Additionally, it can store call recordings of about 15,000 to 90,000 hours. Clients can avail this Standalone Xtend Voice Logger at industry leading prices from us. For purchse and more about xtend please contact us in Dubai, Uae.

Xtend logger Dubai UAE
Xtend logger Dubai UAE

Xtend voice logger Features

  • The Xtend logger Records Analog Trunk/Extn lines
  • Supports ISDN PRI & VoIP Logging
  • Xtend Logs Audio Signal/Wireless/PA System
  • xtend voice logger is User-friendly Browser Interface

Our other call recording solution are call center recording, pbx call monitoring and avaya call recording. we are selling xtend voice logger recording solutions in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.